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Run Off (Take Off 2 – 2016)

When I saw the trailer was out, I got a mixed a feeling. I love the predecessor Take Off (2009), but the ending or the game was not really memorable. I expected that this will be too realistic meaning, no glorious ending, just a real event translated in a movie. Take Off (2009) was one of the most anticipated movies that I wanted to watch merely because of the soundtrack. “Butterfly” sang by Loveholic or in other words, all the Fluxus Stars including Clazziquai, Lee Seong Yeol, Winterplay, and My Aunt Mary. They were all my favorite singers at that time. In Take Off, Sung Dong Il’s performance never fails me. But well, it was about the first Ski Jump team of South Korea so there was  not so much to see when a man jumped up into the sky. The practice part was more exciting, but the game was just OK. But, don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie. Run Off or in literal means Take Off 2 was about woman iced hockey team. It was also based on real events. More dramas, more comical, and the game… the game was brilliant 🙂


Run Off or Take Off 2 taken place in 2002 when South Korea wants to make the fourth national team to be able to enter Winter Olympic Games. The woman iced hockey team was not intended to be made in the first place; thus, the team was coached by a fading star hockey player Kang Dae Woong (Oh Dal Su), and the team member was a North Korean defector who was once a national team member in her country,Lee Ji Won (Soo Ae), a menace short skate tracker Park Chae Kyung (Oh Yeon Soo), a former figure skater Kim Ye Woon (Kim Ga Yeon), a former field hockey player Ko Yeong Ja (Ha Jae Suk), a high schooler Shin Soo Hyun (Jin Ji Hee), and the sport secretary Jo Mi Ran (Kim Seul Gi). We can picture a group of hopeless people gather to make a national team. The question is, what do you actually expect? Not to mention the coach was so messed up with his life. He does not have a stable life, a single father whom wife is left with an unrevealed reason.

Oh Dal Su – Kang Dae Wong

The team was so unwanted; thus, they only got a second hand uniforms which was meant to be thrown away, they practised in the abandoned ice hockey ring, they only got 6 main players, they were just started off messy. Until at the point when the coach realise that he too… needs to clean out his own sh*t.

He does not become a charming coach at one night, he is still forgetful about the technical terms of hockey, but he does have his own perks to be a notable coach *just like other sports game. I had fun seeing the practice session, but it was not so much compared to Take Off (2009). Nevertheless, when we come down to the game, my heart beats so much. I take my hat off to the body doubles (if they do have) since the game was felt so real. You could see the player was hit hard, the puck was thrown here and there, and as a fan of The Mighty Ducks, I could say this hockey game was rough and exciting. I love the real facts inserted in here. We are not seeing the winning team all at once, but we see the journey of becoming one. And, it takes serious sh*t to be one, including to overcome your own personal sh*t. And (again), I am sorry to use a lot of the s word haha.





Talking about my own opinion, I was once doubt about the movie. Oh Dal Su was known as one million fairy since all movies he featured usually be the blockbuster of Korean Movie Industry. However, as I have said before, Sung Dong Il took so much portion of the great coach in Take Off 1. Well, it was about bringing the character into life and Oh Dal Su happened to bring out a slight comedic feature in here. My points are all to the team members – almost all of them.

Let’s talk about Jin Ji hee first. I never noticed her so much to be honest with you. I just have heard about her here and there, saw her here and there, and despite how small portion she takes in this movie, she is believable enough to be the prodigy of a goalie. I love how raw her emotion is pictured. Another spot light was given to Kim Ye Won. It is not a surprise that she is always given a role of girly girl, but what I love was her transformation becoming

Kim Seul Gi

one to her team member. And who does not love Kim Seul Gi. Tell me, who does not love this guffball. I love her ever since I saw her on Oh My Ghostess. She definitely becomes my favorite South Korean Actress. Her versatility is unquestioned. Oh Yeon Seo is a bit disappointing. I felt the director does not give her a lot of room as appointed captain. I expected to see more on her role as a captain or maybe she never had a big portion as a captain in her real life character? Oh well…

And now, let’s talk about Soo Ae. Ever since Athena, she could portray a stronger character. I love her backstory in here, and how she overcomes it. At first, she does not felt as the main star, but towards the end, she gradually earns a spotlight, and maybe… this movie is about her character anyway. Talking about Soo Ae’s character, meaning we need to talk about Park So Dam who plays Lee Ji Hee, Lee Ji Won (Soo Ae)’s sister. She only appears in the last half of the movie, and my oh my… Park So Dam needs to be watched out! She is young but strong.

Soo Ae

Last but not least, can I say moreeee about Choi Jin Woong!? He only takes a


role as the commentator, but uugh this ahjussi puts more of his little magic. He took a part in Take Off back in 2009 when his figure was still big and not as handsome as now haha. He then was portrayed as a pessimistic commentator, and I just love his genuine actions in every single seconds. He’s truly a champ.

The point of this movie is well blended with the backstory of Soo Ae’s character, and it grows bigger because it involves South and North Korea relationship. In the end of the day, we just feel so affected with all the “drama” in the character. That’s what I personally think make the movie rich.

Overall, Run Off is a heartwarming sports movie. Naming all the big movies about sports, Run Off could be one in he line too. It deserves more spectators than it had. Though, honestly speaking, the first half was not really buying, but I love the game so much. It felt too real. I couldn’t think that the game was actually played by the double. We could not really tell because most of the scenes was taken wide or too close, not to mention the big bulky outfit covered the whole body. Nevertheless, that was the realistic part of the movie that I respected a lot.



Director: Kim Jong Hyeon

Writer: Yoo Young A & Kim Jeong Hyeon

Casts: Soo Ae, Jin Ji Hee, Kim Seul Gi, Park Seo Dam, Oh Dal Su, Oh Yeon Seo, Ha Jae Suk, Kim Ye Won


1 Juni 2017 – Pancasila

Hey June! Dan jeng jeng Indonesia hari ini akhirnya bangkit. Memang, ini bukan bulan Agustus, bukan untuk merayakan kemerdekaan Indonesia, tetapi, hari ini dibuat khusus untuk mengingatkan kita tentang Pancasila. Terharu. Tidak salah Jokowi akhirnya yang pegang kemudi negara ini. Sudah lama, aku tidak bersemangat menulis tentang Indonesia selepas film-film dan beberapa buku yang aku review baik di sini maupun di blog lama. Khusus hari ini, aku akan menulis tentang film, lagu, buku yang bisa menggambarkan Indonesia – Pancasila.

  1. Musik

Kita mulai dengan yang paling gampang untuk dinikmati dulu. Lagu. Menurutku ada satu lagu yang bisa dibilang satu Indonesia dari sabang sampai Merauke ada di situ. Dan, kalau kita bilang lagu Indonesia yang bernuansa sangat Indonesia, tidak lain dan tidak bukan, dua nama ini langsung muncul di kepala. Guruh Soekarno Poetra dan Chrisye. Yap. Dua orang ini yang sudah menciptakan puluhan lagu yang selalu erat dengan musik tradisional Indonesia dengan sentuhan modern. Dari sekian banyak lagu, yang menurutku sangat Indonesia adalah

Serasa – Chrisye (Badai Pasti Berlalu, 1990)

Tentu saja banyak sekali lagu-lagu Chrisye lainnya yang bernuansa Indonesia, bahkan ada yang tentang Indonesia itu sendiri seperti Zamrud Khatulistiwa. Tetapi, kita bicara musik di sini. Menurutku yang paling Indonesia dan mempunyai intro terbaik adalah lagu Serasa ini 🙂 Berkali-kali aku mendengarkan lagu ini, berkali-kali di kepalaku tergambar banyak penari-penari yang masuk ke panggung dengan tarian Bali, lalu disusul dengan tarian Jaipong, seperti sedang melihat sebuah pergelaran. Dan oh my, bagian terakhir lagu sebelum penutup menurutku adalah yang terbaik.

Yang kedua adalah Dangdut is the Music of My Country by Project Pop.

Dangdut dan Indonesia itu juga satu kesatuan. Jujur saja, kamu mungkin benci mendengarkan lagu dangdut, tetapi di sisi lain, kamu juga akui bahwa Dangdut itu Indonesia, haha. Selama menjadi mahasiswa di negeri orang, aku jadi banyak mendengarkan lagu-lgu dangdut lama. 5 Menit lagi, Mari joget, dan lain sebagainya haha. Project Pop adalah salah satu icon yang aku bilang amat sangat kreatif. Lirik Dangdut is the Music of My Country nails it all, dan sangat Pancasila.

Siapa tidak mengakui perbedaan
Tidak pernah diajari di skolahan
Semua orang macam-macam diciptakan
Cakep atau jelek smua punya perasaan

Ada orang Batak, ada orang Jawa
Ada orang Ambon, ada juga orang Padang
Ada orang Menado, ada orang Madura
Ada orang Papua, nggak disebut jangan marah

Apakah yang dapat menyatukan kita
salah satunya dengan musik
Dangdut is the music of my country

Reff :
Dangdut is the music of my country, my country, of my country
Dangdut is the music of my country, my country, of my country
Aaaaa, oh my country

Kalo ngaku ngerti tentang persatuan
Mengapa adu domba mudah dilakukan
Kenapa smua mudah hilang kesabaran
Kenapa smua mudah diprovokasikan

Ada kulit hitam, ada kulit putih
Ada rambut panjang, ada juga rambut keriting
Ada mata besar, ada mata sipit
Ada orang kaya ada juga orang miskin

Read more:


2. Film

? oleh Hanung Bramantyo. Ini sudah harga mati kalau film ini berceritakan tentang pluralisme dan artinya toleransi. Bermacam-macam agama dan suku diperlihatkan sudut pandangnya. Film yang sederhana dan penuh makna, tetapi dilarang diputar di TV nasional oleh bangsanya sendiri. Yah, sewaktu itu aku merasa masih banyak orang bodoh di luar sana yang merasa dirinya yang paling benar. Sampai sekarang kelompok-kelompok itu juga masih mengganggu ketentraman hidup di sini. Hanya saja, aku kagum sama begitu banyak masyarakat Indonesia yang masih mau menghidupi Indonesia dengan nafas Pancasila. Salut. 🙂

Film kedua adalah 2014 yang masih di bawah garapan Hanung Bramantyo. Di film ini, kita disuguhkan dengan pesta demokrasi yang makin marak dirayakan di Indonesia. Walaupun tetap saja kejadian politik baru-baru ini bikin banyak orang patah hati, tetapi lucunya, aku makin melihat banyaknya sisi orang-oran yang amat sangat patriotisme. Bisa baca full reviewnya di sini

3. Buku

Yang pertama adalah buku karangan Clara Ng – Dimsum Terakhir. Menurutku buku ini sangat Indonesia karena dia menggambarkan salah satu suku terbesar yang sudah lama hidup di Indonesia, yaitu mereka-mereka (termasuk saya) yang berketurunan China. Bercerita tentang perempuan kembar 4 dengan pergumulannya masing-masing. Cerita metropolis tetapi masih menggambarkan sedikit latar belakang keturunan China di Indonesia. Ada tradisi imlek, cap go meh, dan nilai-nilai leluhur.


Lalu, yang berikutnya adalah Pulang oleh Leila S. Chudori. Kalau yang ini bacaan sedikit berat namun tuturannya jujur dan membuka wawasan kita tentang sejarah kelam Indonesia dan permainan politiknya di luar negeri. Bagaimana ceritanya sampai banyak warga Indonesia yang berada di negara orang. Apa yang terjadi dengan orang-orang yang ada di pulau Buruh. Bagaimana seorang perantau tetap saja rindu akan pulang.

Lucunya, beberapa hari terakhir ini saya menemukan banyak percakapan dengan banyak orang mengenai kenapa saya pulang Indonesia setelah kuliah di luar negeri. Alasannya tidak akan saya ceritakan di sini, tetapi poin yang ingin saya bilang cuma… kami-kami, par perantau yang pulang itu karena kami merasa di sinilah tempat kami. A mere of sense of belonging 🙂 

Ulasan tentang buku ini ada di sini


Masih banyak hal yang tentunya bisa menggambarkan arti Pancasila. Semua masyarakat dianggap sama. Tidak ada yang lebih penting dibandingkan yan lain. Dari aku kecil hingga sekarang, aku selalu diajarkan asas gotong royong dan bhineka tunggal ika. Walaupun ditempa di sekolah Katolik, namun di situ aku juga ada teman yang beragama Islam, orang dari Mamuju, diajar oleh orang Flores. Keberagaman.

Dan aku perempuan Indonesia bermata sipit dan berkulit kuning mempunyai sahabat asli orang Jawa dan Makassar berhijab. Do you have a problem? Because we dont 🙂



Sabtu Bersama Bapak – Indonesian Movie 2016

Ini lucuk! sekian. Kalau dikira film ini film mellow, salah besar.


downloadAku memutuskan untuk nonton film ini hanya semata-mata karena aku suka novelnya. Lihat-lihat pemain okelah. Lihat sutradara, kebetulan Monty Tiwa yang pekerjaannya aku lumayan suka. Pas pertama nonton, masih berasa tipikal film Indonesia yang terlalu ‘teatrikal’ dan akhirnya kurang real. But then… the magic is just started.

Film bagus kalau ceritanya kuat, flownya enak, akting para pemain meyakinkan, dan tambahan bonus, bikin aku ngakak. Sabtu bersama Bapak udah bisa masuk ke kategori film bagus. Memang masih ada yang bisa diperbaiki, but surely I enjoyed it so much. Film-film keluarga seperti ini memang yang diperlukan di Indonesia. Kita sudah jengah dengan film horror nggak jelas atau film-film percintaan remaja yang begitu-begitu saja. Terus terang tahun 2016 kemarin aku nggak begitu banyak nonton film Indonesia sebanyak yang aku lakukan di tahun 2015. Bahkan film ini adalah film Indonesia pertama yang aku tonton di tahun 2017.

Film Sabtu Bersama Bapak kurang lebih sama jalan ceritanya dengan yang di novel. Tidak ada perubahan atau penambahan berarti, tapi memang penghidupan dari novelnya amat sangat kental. Aku kira awalnya vibenya akan sama dengan film Test pack yang notabene disutradarai oleh Monty Tiwa juga, berdasarkan dari novel yang kebetulan istri dari Aditya Mulya. Ternyata nggak juga. Malah versi lebih baik.


Sabtu Bersama Bapak bercerita mengenai seorang bapak bernama Gunawan Garnida (Abimana Aryasatya) yang mendapatkan diagnosa bahwa dia mengidap penyakit kanker dan jelas waktunya tidak akan lama lagi. Gunawan mempunyai dua putra Satya (Arifin Putra) dan Cakra (Deva Mahenra). Gunawan mungkin tidak bisa berbuat banyak soal penyakitnya, tetapi dia brpikir bahwa ada cara lain yang bisa ia lakukan untuk tetap membantu istrinya (Ira Wibowo) untuk membesarkan kedua putranya.

Gunawan mulai merekam dirinya setiap hari. Isi videonya berisi banyak petuah dan pesan yang ingin kedua putranya value hingga tumbuh dewasa. Video pertama yang mereka tonton, bapaknya mengatakan “Bapak tahun depan mungkin harus pergi. Tapi, tidak apa bapak akan tetap bersama kalian. Senin sampai Jumat kalian belajar, Sabtu kalian akan ketemu bapak” dan begitulah kisah Sabtu Bersama Bapak dimulai.

Tiap Sabtu dari mereka kecil hingga tumbuh dewasa, kakak adik Satya dan Cakra menghabiskan Sabtu sore mereka dengan ibunya di ruang keluarga untuk menonton video-video peninggalan bapak. Itje membesarkan mereka tanpa ada masalah. Keduanya lulus sarjana. Bahkan Satya mendapatkan pekerjaan dengan gaji bagus, sudah menikah dengan Rissa (Acha Septriasa) dan mempunyai 2 putra juga. Mereka tinggal di Perancis. Cakra juga mempunyai pekerjaan bagus di sebuah bank dengan posisi sebagai Deputy Director. Hanya saja, Cakra sudah hampir 30 tahun teapi belum menikah. Ternyata ganteng-ganteng begitu, Cakra mempunyai masalah kepercayaan diri kalau sudah ketemu dengan cewek. Tahun ini, Cakra bener-bener jatuh cinta dan berniat untuk menikahi seorang perempuan yang bernama Ayu (Sheila Dara Aisha).

arifin deva

Teori dari bapak sudh kenyang mereka makan, tapi ternyata pada dasarnya, Satya lupa kalau dia hidup di masa sekarang, dan ada waktunya juga dia mulai fokus dengan keluarganya sendiri ketimbang masa depan yang sudah dia rancangin. Keinginan untuk seperti bapak membuat Satya lupa bahwa setiap keadaan mempunyai ceritanya masing-masing, dan di sinilah pesan-pesan film dari si bapak mulai dicerna dengan pemahaman yang lebih.


Aditya Mulya is one of my favorite authors. Selalu berhasil mengemas pesan dalam dengan tema guyonan. Monty Tiwa untungnya setipe. Alhasil, aku banyak ngakak. Awalnya aku kira, akan banyak mellow moment, tapi untungnya nggak. Apalagi performance Deva Mahenra yang lumayan mengejutkan.

Dari pemilihan cast, aku bilang nyaris sempurnaa.. sayang banget Monty kurang maksimal dalam casting child actor. Aku tahu masalah utama film Indonesia, belum ada aktor atau aktris anak-anak ayng benar-benar bagus. Sebenarnya ada-ada saja, atau mungkin pihak produksi yang lupa bahwa elemen sekecil apapun di sebuah film itu penting.

Dari cinematography, soundtrack, main casts and figuran (excludin children talents), semuanya sudah mendekati kata sempurna. Sebagai satu kesatuan, film ini cukup bagus. Terlebih di bagian flow. Meng-adaptasi sebuah novel menjadi sebuah film bukan pekerjaan mudah. Kebanyakan bisa saja jadi jumpy. Meman di awal, film ini terkesan agak terburu-buru, tetapi begitu masuk ke inti cerita, berjalan jauh lebih baik.

Selepas komenku tentang akting para anak-anak yang ada di film, semua cast lain dan juga para figuran dewasa semuanya oke. Abimana is my favorite actor next to Reza Rahadian. YES! I can state it like that. Performance dia di Negeri Van Oranje masih sangat memberikan kesan, dan di film ini juga bagus. Apalagi dia berperan sebagai bapak dan lawannya adalah aktris yang lebih senior – Ira Wibowo. Chemistry bapak anak juga terasa ketika dia bersanding dengan Arifin Putra. He is good. Oh iya, ini film reunian antara Arifin Putra dan juga Abimana yang dulunya bareng di Negeri Van Oranje.


the most romantic scene – Abi and Ira 

Deva Mahenra is a pleasant surprise. Aku sebelumnya nggak pernah tahu orang ini pernah ada, mungkin karna udah lamaaaa banget nggak nonton sinetron. Tidak ada bekas akting sinetron. Kesan bodohnya juga dapat.


Untuk Acha Septriasa, setelah nonton Test pack, aku makin suka sama aktris ini. Sebelumnya aku benci setengah mati dengan dia haha. Masih terngiang aktingnya di Heart yang gimanaaa gitu. Tapi, makin ke sini sudah amat sangat improved. Hanya saja mungkin karena karakter Rissa yang tidak beda jauh dengan karakter di Testpak. But overall, I enjoyed her performance. 


Nah, another pleasant surprise is ERNEST PRAKASA. Idiot yang brilian. Karakter tambahan di film ini asli membuat film ini jadi lebih humoris daripada novelnya. Salah satu penyebabnya adalah karakter si Ernest di sini. Mukanya udah mengundang tawa, ditambah dengan dialog yang tepat, he is the funny creature, the firecracker in the movie.

Overall, good job Monty, akhirnya satu film Indonesia nyaris sempurna ada lagi.


Production House: Maxima Pictures

Director: Monty Tiwa

Screen writer: Aditya Mulya & Monty Tiwa

Casts: Abimana Aryasatya, Ira Wibowo, Arifin Putra, Acha Septriasa, Sheila Dara Aisha, Ernest Prakasa, Jennifer Arnelita

All Time Favorite – Korean Songs

Hey hey..

I am trying back on the drama-review-track. However, while keep seeking for good gems, let me give you another insight of Korean songs look like. Who does not know K-pop? Even if you are not a fan, when you listen the word K-pop, suddenly a couple of Korean skinny singers who sing and dancing popping up in your head right? Well, let me bring you to another level of K-pop or Korean song in general. Korean genre of musics are diversed actually. They do have notable rock star like Kim Kyung Hoo, legendary rock band – Bohwal who have changed numbers of vocalists *most of them going solo and successful. They do have romantic ballad singer and acoustic groups, even jazz acapella singers.

From numerous Korean Variety songs and singing competitions, I have been introduced to a sentiment side of Korean song. Don’t you know that they actually are into lyrics? For Koreans, lyrics are sentimental and powerful. They are into poem as well. Many Korean songs are actually good motivational songs. And for about 9 or 10 years of me loving Korean culture, I realise that I have the same songs over years that have to be on my top to-listen-list. From 2008 when I first fell for Korean wave, till last year. To be honest with you, I have a hard time to select only 10 as my favorites, but let’s stick with the word “ALL TIME FAVORITES”, so I will only select songs that I have listened to it numerous times, and at the longest period.

So… here it is my  countdowns of my All TIme Favorites – Korean songs edition.

10. Peppertones’ Galaxy Tourist and ABC featuring Arina MOCCA

Galaxy Tourist was once a soundtrack of almost variety shows you can name in South Korea. Well, technically speaking, Peppertones’ songs were on numerous Variety Shows as the soundtracks. Since it contains a lot of fun and airy melodies. It was a tough decision to pick my all time favorite from the numbers, but I like the simplicity about it, so yeah I think, I pick Galaxy Tourist as my all time favorite . Talking about ABC, this song is special for me since it is a collaboration between two of my favorites, and on top of that it is a collaboration between Korea and Indonesia, my country!! First time hearing it, or even saw the title with the featuring artist, I was really excited! The sound was fun and cheerful. It was like a magic combo. I love it.


9. Just get a way, you deserve it – Sweet Sorrow

It was taken from their 4th album. Not so jazzy, but showing a lot of funny sides of Sweet Sorrow. Sometimes, you just need to get away for a while. No plan, and go! That’s what the song encourages. Moreover, the video clip is contagiously spreading happiness.

I’m getting a lot of thoughts about this and that
The heavy pressure and eyes building up in front of me
Sometimes makes me feel so suffocated

I can’t do this or that
I can’t give up this moment that I waited for
I will go find the freedom that I want
It’s no big deal, I’ll go for it

8. Lazy Sunday Morning – Clazziquai

And, yes for this song, my morning anthem. Clazziquai is known as the versatile group. A little bit jazz, a little bit electro pop, and now, a little bit acoustic as well. The witty and realistic lyrics are compelling for this song.

It’s getting on Sunday morning, I get up and see silly TV talking by itself in the room. My head is spinning full of beer as thinking of my lonely late night party.

7. First Date  – Sweet Sorrow

🙂 I guess, I have to make another post containing my all time favorite tunes from Sweet Sorrow. They are indeed my number one favorite singer. Why? Because they can produce such a beautiful harmony, jazzy tunes, and sweet lyrics. Just like the First date

Even without an alarm, my eyes open wide
Lalala – my first date with you
I kick off the covers and I go to meet you
Hello, hello

6. Butterfly – Loveholic (and almost all fluxus singers gank)


This song was sang by singers under Fluxus music. Probably, you are not really familiar with this company since the famous ones are JYP, YG, and SM *going with innitials. Notably, Fluxus music is a production house covering singers with different and various genres. From electronic pop like Clazziquai, former group – Winterplay, W&Whale, rocker – Lee Sung Yeol, accoustic group like Urban Zakapa. Butterfly is sang by Clazziquai, Park Ki Young, Lee Sung Yeol, Park Ki Young, Jang Eun A, Whale, Winter Play, and My Aunt Mary and the music is by Loveholic. It was made of solidarity since Loveholic’s main vocal was resigned. The song itself was put as the soundtrack of the box office movie – Take off (2009). I am in love with the lyrics instantly!

The foolish world doesn’t know you
It can’t see you when you are hidden in regret
I know; I see you
Your splendid wings

Don’t be afraid; you can do it
With a little wriggle,
Spread your wings and fly up

Grab your heart
Spread the wings you tried so hard to fold away and fly up


Taken from Princess of tea


Translation: KBS + ryukiLee @

and I am more spirited than ever after listening to this song lol.

5. Don’t Worry (originally by Deulgukhwa – my fave is from Kwak Jin Eon and Kim Feel) & Exhausted (by Yoon Jong Shin Ft Kwak Jin Eon and Kim Feel)


I may say that Kwak Jin Eon has brought a new level to my Korean Singer favorite. LOL His deep voice is just enchanting. Also, both songs sound like a friend saying to me that “everything is going to be alright”


All things past is in the past
They all have a meaning
Sing to the one who left
Say that you loved without regrets

You went through so many difficult things
You lost that newness
All of the hardships
Brush them all off

taken from popgasa 

Exhausted – was definitely my song in 2015 to 2016. I listened t itevery single day! Literally. I love the mellow feeling about it, but at the same time it tells you “it is Ok to be not OK…” WEll, you need it once in a while. Just a start of acceptance and voila… some magic happens – you are able to move one.


I’m sorry my love, I wanted to be the source of your pride
In my exhausted day, I just want some comfort
If you comfort me, saying that you believe me
I think I’ll start to cry
I’m sitting on the edge of this night with a drunken sigh

I’ll get through it, just like you believed I would
I have only one dream
I can’t make everything go back because of how I feel today
Don’t compare me, don’t care about me, who says that’s the right way?
There is no right way, the way that I chose is my way

taken from popgasa

4. Love Recipe – Clazziquai.

On the other end, this song is my ultimate morning anthem 🙂 It is chillin, and the music video is the best. 🙂 The lyrics are simplest way to express love. It is a universal love. Can be from spouse, daughter to father, and between friends.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t like sweet things
The hot coffee that you like, the languid rain
I was just with those things because I just liked you
But at some point, I turn my head at the smell of coffe

Translation from Princess of tea

3. Let’s take a walk a little – Jung In ft. Gary

To be honest with you, I have never imagined my self like a voice of Jung In. But, turned out that she’s one of the top on my list. First time hearing her was in Immortal Songs 2, I instantly in love with her charisma. And finally I bumped into this groovy RnB. With inspiring lyrics, I voted her as the “laid-back” song of all time.


Let’s take a walk since our hearts are feeling complicated
I think sitting as we’re facing each other is making us more exhausted
What should we do? Should we break up?
Starting all over again seems a little scary

2. Dangdanghee – She is Beautiful by Sweet Sorrow

My ultimate favorite song! It’s been my ringtone since college years. My first encounter to Korean jazz. It’s rich, jazzy, like the one you would hear in a lounge. On top of that, it was sung by my favorite singer – Sweet Sorrow. What’s more I can ask for.

1.  One Candle – G.O.D.

Ok! I don’t know why, but I am addicted to this song. The original one! which was sang back in 1990s… Yes, it was sung by an idol. g.o.d. I freaking love it. The music, the lyrics, how it combines with the raps are just inviting you to sing a long. I still have a hard time to sing the rap, but I am fully determined! Oh yes baby..


I think, the tunes are familiar for some of you because many idols have made the cover, many amateurs use it as an audition song. It is just one of the most popular songs in South Korea – can be mentioned as a classic (20 years popularity)

On top of that, let’s see the lyrics. The rap section is making us to believe that someone is actually talking to you to cheer you up!

In this world,
There are many people who have less than we do.
For those who are struggling even now, we sing this song.
“Stay strong!”

Why is life so hard?
Who said that life was beautiful??
Since I was born, all that life gave me was more trials to overcome.
During those times, I looked into the mirror and asked myself, 
“What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this only happening to me?”
It feels like it’ll never change. 
Not tomorrow, or even the day after.

Don’t say that
Don’t crumble under the pressure
Whatever life gives you
Whatever you receive
Whatever this unfair world offers you
If you just accept it
Wouldn’t you be fighting it?
Would you give up?
Would you surrender to the life that fate dealt you?
Don’t bow your head to the world, don’t lose strength,
Look at us.

When you’re tired and exhausted, lean on me
I will always be by your side
So that you never feel like you’re alone in this world, 
I’ll be right beside you, holding your hand.

All in all, I just realize that my selections are more than half about motivational songs. LOL It seems like I am carrying a hard life. Well, I think it’s more touched when you just can relate yourself to the lyrics. I can say the lists can be as “top motivational songs” lol.
Anyway, I hope I can give you more insights about Korean Wave, and not limited among the ones on the surface only 😉

All translations are from popgasa. Please check it out, it has pretty cool stuff 😉

Coming up more exciting posts – and I start watching drama again 🙂



Year End Thoughts and Faves

I know I know…

Three months hiatus with a very lame excuse was not really a good reason about it. I am in no position to do a big review about K-drama in 2016 since I have missed so many goodies in the end of the year. However, there are 5 dramas that I would love to point out. The 5 dramas that have touched my heart endearly.

2016 was a year full of events! Therefore, my mental addiction to K-drama was abruptly distracted with real-life events. I only watched a lot less than last year list. I still had some good catches, and got a few hidden gems. I have to admit that I have missed some good stuff. But, oh well… there are still next time to watch it.

Let’s begin the Countdown

5. Age of Youth – JTBC.


Age of Youth as the title proclaims, it is about youth. Roomates, girlfights, boys, friendships. Dark pasts. Very simple and realistic. I love how the writer puts more efforts in characters and develop a beautiful lines between the characters.

I haven’t been able to talk about this drama thoroughly although, I have planned about it. Age of Youth was underrated. However, I felt the depth about the characters. Everyone of it. It brings the plainness and complexity at the same time on the plate. It does not have the big main line, small pieces completing the big picture. That’s how the drama expresses itself. I love everything about it. I love the guys, the women, the stories, the mysteries about it, and the smiley landlord. It was just one memorable simple drama.

4. Memory – tvN


Memory oh memory. I have made a post about it in here. Frankly, Memory is not everyone’s plate. No romance, only about alzeimer disease, another underrated drama. Can be easily forgotten. However, not because I was so pro the underrated dramas, but just it has been made beautifully. Can I say that the cinematography should win something? haha. The emotion of each character is undoubtedly very powerful! We speak about Lee Sung Min here for heaven’s sake. What’s more to talk about? hahaha

3. Dear My Friends and Reply 1988 – tvN

Some of you may curse me why do I have to put these two gems together instead of making it better than another. Well well well… not because they are not good enough to beat one another, but I am just thinking that both have similar big theme going on. Both are about friendships and each character has a strong story-lines. About preference? I probably lean towards Reply 1988 more just because there are so many things that I can relate to compared to Dear my Friends – speaking of age… *cough cough*. In the end, both just left me with a lot of warm fuzzy feelings, lots of tissues, and lots of jaw dropped momments because both casts are amazing.. amazing… AMAZING!

Here is my thought about Dear My Friends and Reply 1988

2. Marriage Contract – MBC


Finally! I finally have a favorite from a melodrama/romantic drama!! yey. It’s been years peeps! I haven’t been really hooked up by a romantic drama or a typical Korean drama. But, this is a sweet exception! It took me by a surprise that I loved this drama so much! Lee Seo Jin’s dimple? Come on! It took me more than that. I appreciate how the writer writes such a beautiful lines and scenes? Those little actions; a closed up on holding hand, a smile, a stare… bah.. haha and the ending! The ending was really a high pitch! Since it was none of our *viewers’ predictions 🙂 More about it in here

  1. Signal- tvN


Oh yes!

Just Yes! 🙂

mmm what more to say about it? About how Jo Jing Woong’s acting slays us, or the crazy old radio buzzing on and off to stand up for justice? or about the fact that our heroes never actually met but they develop stronger bond of bromance? Which one do I have to claim that making me just voluntarily put it as the best drama in 2016? Which one!!? This drama is thoughtfully made. From the solid story-lines, and great editing, it makes us stick with it even though it may create such a confusion. Scenes from the pasts and presents are carefully made; thus, it does a good job for clarity. More about it in herehere


Overall! 2016 was not my year of drama. I must admit, I have watched too many dramas; thus, I have difficulty to like or enjoy one drama. Hmm.. Anyway, keep tuning in for more exciting aticles. I am planning to do another countdown of my all time favorite songs and perhaps actors/actresses of the year?

You can check on my thoughts on 2015 K-drama


Happy New YEAR!

a sweet witty tune from Sweet sorrow 🙂



Task Force 38 (OCN, 2016) and Let’s Fight Ghost (tvN, 2016)

Voila! I am back! Damned! It’s been months that I am not able to write a single review. However, no worries. Sivibi is definitely back. I have 2 posts in queue for you. Or more posts hehe.

Now! apologize, I can’t post quicker than I have planned, and now I am just reviewing not so new drama. But, I think I will still post it up. I merge 2 dramas; because I see similar situation happening between the two, and plus… I don’t have a lot to say for both dramas individually *sigh… Not because they are not good, but… I think, I am slightly having disappointment.

Why Task Force 38 and Let’s Fight Ghost have to be in one post? Because I see resemblance of both in previous dramas with similar situation. Task Force 38 reminds me of Last a lot. While Let’s Fight Ghost reminds me a lot of You are my Ghostess. I will talk about each drama individually and may add a little comparison in the end.

Task Force 38 is about a squad who forges and swindler people for money. You may say a Robin Hood in the Tax world. Again, they are aiming a big fish with some personal reasons. It definitely has Last element in it, remembering that both are about swindling the money. For this, I can say Task Force 38 wraps it better. Many twisted plots and more fun to watch as well. It is funnier and I love how we have mixed gender squad. The thing is, because every episode has twisted plot, I am not finding it special anymore. You kinda expect it in the end of the day. But, I have to admit, that it is brilliantly written.


Now, let’s talk about casts. I am all about Song Ong Seok, yes that ahjumma. Exactly! Precisely! hahaha. She’s brilliant! I have never seen her in that kind of role ever, and she is rock and roll. She is usually playing as a mother figure who we pity, but not in this case. She plays an elegant boss, a little scary but good. lol. And Ahn Nae San, who does not melt for this ahjussi? I love his calm expression. Last but not least our bromance-hood as the main dish in the drama, Ma Dong Seok and Seo In Guk. Not the best duo, but I want to give credits to Seo In Guk. I am more and more and more fan of him! Ever since Reply 1997, more of Hello Monster, and oh yea… this drama too. He’s such a…. cutie who has an annoying expression hahaha… Such a contradiction in description. But yes, in short… I am big fan.As for Ma Dong Seok, not voted as my favorite ahjussi, or perhaps the role making him to be so timid. Dunno, but just the feeling is not there, but I love the cameos as well. Oh, we can’t leave Oh Dae Hwan, he’s the bad guy among all the dramas that I have seen from 2015-2016, lol. But, I love him more and more… I secretly wish, he can be big, he becomes my favorite supported actors lol.



Now, we have tvN drama; Let’s Fight Ghost. Unfortunately, this is kinda a little bit flop for me. Everything about it is so off. I am not bought by the way Oh Taec Yeon fights the ghost. The romance is also not so interesting, not so much emotion around, though, the drama left me high curiousity about the ending. My only reason to watch the drama was because of Kwon Yool!! However, his character reminds me a lot… A LOT about Leem Jung Hwan’s on Oh my Ghostess; that’s why it reminds me of Oh My Ghostess *talking about the mystery of death lol. For this case, Oh My Ghostess wins a lot of points. Let’s Fight Ghost develops a simple story line; thus, it is boring, and somehow a bit jumpy. I don’t like the ending. tvN does not really play its magic this time.

For the actors to spot on; David Lee is the man. lol. He plays as Kim In Rang as a goofy college students. I love his acting, so natural. Usually, when you are playing a goofy character, it is so obvious that you are ridiculous, everything is pretty predicted. However, his way of bringing out the stupidity of his character is pretty brilliant. Natural, and yes stupid haha..


I have a feeling that this drama is projecting how great Taec Yeon as a cook. More like a Let’s Eat 2 food porn shot. I know he is from 3 meals a day, but… is this about ghost? about romance? supernatural? or food? can’t really get it.



Oh well, both are OK, I am not really excited about them. But, yeah… these are my thoughts.

I am behind a lot of dramas 😦

I haven’t watched Beautiful Minds or Uncontrollably Fonds; and KBS having new drama already. I am currently watching Drinking Solo while K2 is waiting and the Good Wife!! Oh NO!

You might have guessed, that I might skip Doctors lol just because…. just because….

Oh well,

NEXT: Age of Youth!!!



Dear My Friends (tvN, 2016)

Dear_My_Friends-p2The posters, promotion articles, and trailers bought me all!!! I was so excited about this drama more than other dramas prior to the promotion period. The biggest reason was the casts!!! Oh please! Who else can pull all the veteran actors and actresses as the main character if not tvN? The casts were only seen as a mother in law, a pitiful mom, or a grumpy dad, or a mere villain director who is thirsts about wealth in the other drama, but in this drama particularly, we will see them as the highlights!I also want to point out how positive was the feedback from the viewers knowing that theses casts will be the main characters. That means, the drama society has some great tastes, blocking off all the stereotypes of the drama should be. They were welcoming these grand dads and grand mas warmly as the heroes in this drama unlike what we could have thought (people would prefer Jo In Sung as the main cast right?). And, the most important thing, these casts do not disappoint us. Experience does speak louder.

Dear My Friends features all the great actors and actresses of South Korea from the 70s or 80s. Their glorious time might be dimmed a bit, but by this drama, they are let to be in the spotlight for one more time, and they do deserve it! The story is about each person of a long-life friendship and their relationship between their family members. I appreciate that the center of the story is Park Wan’s point of view (played by Go Hyun Jung). Her point of view as the ‘youngest’ cast in the bunch, changes as the plot goes. She is told as the only daughter of Jang Nan Hee (Go Du Shim), a temperament mom who owns a restaurant. We can sense Park Wan’s mother is a single fighter.It builds her up as a nagging mom. We find a lot of time, Park Wan and her mother are fighting. There are many things that disturb Park Wan. One of them, she dislike is her mom’s friends. The old folks.

One of The friends is Jo Hee Ja (Kim Hye Ja) who just freshly becoming a widow. Her husband’s death is not elaborately explained. Move on, she decides to live by herself even though everybody expects she cannot live by herself for all her life depends on her husband. She has a soft heart and very feminine compared to others, but she is eager to lead her lonely life by herself. She even makes little note to herself that she has to be independent and prepare herself to go to Nursing House when the time comes. She does not want to trouble any of her kids.

Kim Hye Ja – Jo Hee Ja

Next, we have our ‘forever-housewife’; Nom Jeong Ah (Na Moon Hee). For all her life she only works the house chores of her own house and her children’s houses. Her husband, Kim Suk Kyun (Shin Goo) is a typical Korean husband (older generation). Nagging, sarcastic, loud, and never compliment. A pain in the ass, really! It makes Jeong Ah feels suffocated, and she truly hopes to live like a bird, free. She simply wishes for her to drink beer whenever she wants without being nagged by her husband. She only wants to do whatever she wants without getting permission by his husband.She has enough for being slaved by her husband.

Lee Young Won (Park Won Suk) lives in the glamorous life of being an actress. She is just coming back from the States bringing her not-so-young boyfriend. Her love life is complicated. Married and divorced, having an affair, and get a flower regularly by what she calls, her  true love. Behind her gleaming wealth, she has been under the surgery tables back and forth, fighting for cancer. Oh Chong Nam (Youn Yuh Jung), on the other side is the old virgin. She has never been married, and grew old feeding all of her family and extended family. On top of that, in her old age, she is still learning to get into a university. She runs a very busy life, but she is actually afraid of dying alone. She also has a crush on Lee Sung Jae (Joo Hyun) while Sung Jae is actually having a crush on Hee Ja. He even claims that she is his first love, and he still loves her.

It is like a grande look of our own life. We have a mother who is occasionally gossiping about her friends, we have a friend of our mom’s whom we can talk about things that we are not dare to tell to our own mom, we have our mom’s friends who are annoying. The drama has it all. Moreover, there are many things happened among the old folks. Though, the romance between Sung Jae and Hee Ja is a little bit hilarious, but it is a good example that the drama gives you an overview of what can be happened when you are growing old. lol. Another good thing about the drama that it presents us one solid story as a whole even hence there are so many main casts, there are so many events. Wan’s romance with the handsome Youn Ha (Jo In Sung), her affair with her senior (Shin Sung Woo, he’s super handsome in here!!!!), Wan’s daily fight with her mom. Aunt Young Woo’s secret love. Aunt Chong Nam, Aunt Hee Ja, and Uncle Sung Jae’s little love triangle, or Aunt Jeong Ah who wants to get divorce. All goes so natural. Really! All the reaction is real.Frankly, I did not know that the drama goes to what direction at first. The center is not really the center. I mean, we all know that Park Wan’s character is the anchor of the whole story, but since there are a lot of things occurred, I was just carried away. But, in the last three episodes, I finally got a glimpse to the climax. I love it!!! The writer is really something.

Do you think people are watching this because of Jo In Sung and Daniel  Henney’s appearance? Of course YES! But, surprisingly, there are also people like me who watch it solely because of the grandpas and the grandmas. I was dying to know how they would pull this off. And as you may have guessed, I love it.


First thing first. Reality-bites dramas are a trend these days, and all because of tvN bravely takes the lead (namely Misaeng, Reply 1988, Memory, and etc). I am loving it every moment. I haven’t found it is boring. Every drama has its own twist, its own level of reality, and balance of the drama element. This drama in particular is the closest one to reality show. All the small details happening, is so close to our heart. A lot of the scenes are what we feel about our mom in many different angles. All of the characters have presented various roles that we can find in our own family. Every actors and actresses are not disappointed at all!!! Everyone of them! Even the cameos who are actually famous actors as well, they are feast of the eyes.

Talking about main characters, I can’t help but to mention one by one. Each of them is special. Each of them nails it. So bear with me, this is going to be a long SPOV, but each one of them deserves this much attention.

Kim Hye Ja

Kim Hye Ja as Jo Hee Ja is where my heart goes. I honestly never encountered this ahjumoni before, but I knew that she was actually in a box office movie called Mother along with Won Bin before. It is enough to give a proof that she is a notable actress. She has proved it on her role as Jo Hee Ja. Among the Imos in Dear My Friends, my heart is for Hee Ja Imo. She is so fragile, helpless, but I also sense a hint of strength in her tiny self. Her struggles is aching you. I also love her dresses.I love how the friendship between her and Na Moon Hee shines. Although, all the grandparents are friends, each has her/his closest one.

Moon Jung A (Na Moon Hee). My favorite Imo!!!!! Favorite!! love her from the beginning to the end!! She is soooooo muuuuch fuuun toooo waaaattchh


Moon Jung A with her two daughters

All this time, her screening time on the other drama is involving a lot of shouting and a mother role, here… her character is able to tell you a story about an old housewife, a mother of three married woman, and her pain. Lovin it. She is fun! So much fun. Really! I love her reaction to Hee Ja.


Danniel Henney – Mark Smith

Lee Young Won (Park Won Suk), I only saw her once on All About Eve back in early 2000. It is so nice seeing her back again. Her character is so closed to her in real life, at least that is what I believe. Her character is those bridging characters. The one that mediates everybody. Taking a lot of blame and love at the same time.  As for Youn Yuh Jung – Oh Chong Nam, among these ahjumonis, I think we have seen Youn Yuh Jung a lot!! She is the actress that we respect. Her character in here is like a teenager though haha, maybe because she is never married. I love how the grace of age shows too when it talks about love. Her character shows a lot of ‘brains’. We can find a lot of wisdom of age through her character; dialogue or reactions. 🙂

Youn Youh Jung & Park Won Suk

For the grandpas side; we have Lee Sung Jae (Joo Hyun) and Kim Soo Kyun (Shin Goo). Joo Hyun Harapeochi and Youn Yuh Jung Haelmoni  have been a couple before on Hotelier. Now, Joo Hyun is a mere father,a former lawyer who falls in love. hahahaha. No more charismatic leader figure, we find a lovable cute grand pa who is fighting for his first love. shihihihsihishi. Shin Goo takes the role for us to hate! lol. He is a perfect portrayal of a Korean husband. Reality says that he likes to nag a lot, and so dependable upon his wife. Can’t even get a cup of water by himself. Though, I love how his character resolves in the end.


Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Dong Il, Jang Hyung Suk, Danniel Henney


Now, let’s talk about these flower boys, shall we?? Daniel Henney only appears less than 5 episodes, so does Sung Dong Il. Jang Hyun Sung also is not disappointed even though he only appears less than five minutes every time he’s on the screen. All the names may have been our heroes in some other dramas, but it is not the case in this drama. I love the fact that they want to be the minors here as the respectful act towards the veteran actors and actresses. On the line, we also have Shin Sung Woo for  the first half of the episodes. He’s charming!! So much! He’s a notable Korean Rock Star in the 1990s, he jumped into acting mode around 1990s and now being an active musical actor. I love the chemistry between his character and Park Wan. There is a sad yet beauty of their story. I love how they manage to solve their matters maturely. Moving to our big two heroes in this drama; Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo. hahaha


Park Wan & Dong Jin (Shin Sung Woo)

It is hard to place Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo’s position in this drama. They only have minor characters in the drama, but both give so much more! They shine but not outshining. That’s what special about the writing and everything else in this drama.

Lee kwang Soo – as Min hoo (Hee Ja’s son)
Jo In Sung as Youn Ha

As expected for Jo In Sung, he makes it, and a GREAT Surprise on Lee Kwang Soo’s side. Let’s spare some times to talk about Lee Kwang Soo, our guff ball giraffe here. For many dramas we have seen him, it is automatically associated to comical side of him. More if you are a running man lover. Nevertheless, let’s get real… he’s a great actor! That’s all I can say. He, our giraffe, can cry well until we too cry. He makes us feeling his pain towards his mom. He is really awesome. He truly shines in this drama.

Kim Hye Ja & Lee Kwang Soo


Now, let’s talk about Jo In Sung. When he smiles, it is game over! I love how he does not outshine the other grandparents role though he is super handsome and who doubts his acting skill? Tell me!! Who? He is truly professional. He is considered as one of Halyu Star in Korea and worldwide, but he is willing to take a minor role in this drama. He really does it well. I love how the writer creates his character. Best love story ever. Beautiful, and so closed to reality. Additionally, It is true that some of us are always excited when we see him on the screen (cheeriiing back sound*). Maybe some of you started watching this drama because of Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo, maybe some of you disappointed because you can only watch them occasionally.  I enjoy the portion of each character. Jo In Sung as expected makes our heart flutters. His love story with Park Wan is one of the most anticipated scene for me personally. I feel grateful that Jo In Sung is taking the role and not others. He is truly one great – handsome – smiley – thoughtful actor!! (a big fan)

Jo In Sung

I may say, both deserve to stand among the main casts as well because they act so well, and not over or less about it. But, that is what making me love the show even more. Because, the writer precisely write about the grandparents’ life not the handsome character as the main course. It is truly a gem. I really really wish for second season! hahahaha. PLEASE do more like this. Ok, I am bias… I love underdogs… hehehe

Moving on to our anchor of the show; Park Wan’s and Nang Hee’s relationship. It is purely like a reflection of our lives. All the reactions have the very same reason of what my mom might have done to me

GO Du Shim & Go Hyun Jung

if I ever do something that is not what she wished I’d do. Parents always have certain expectation to their children, and on the other end, children wish to be let go. I appreciate how Go Hyun Jung portrays Park Wan. She’s always be my favorite from Spring Days (she acted with Jo In Sung too!) and Queen Seon Deok where she plays the evil mishil. She’s a diverse actress. I am saying that Park Wan’s character as an anchor of the show, because we are standing from her point of view, as the younger generation. What she thought at first, what her relationship with her mom, lover, and senior have made her. What she sees on her own family, her mom’s friend’s families. We can imply it through her thoughts. It makes the show as one of the brilliantly written drama.

Go Hyun Jung
Na Moon Hee, Kim Hye Ja, Park Won Suk, Go Du SHim

Lastly, again, I appreciate the writing so much. It is a grande project. A brave one. A beautiful piece. The writer; No Hee Kyung can put a great portion of each character. The reality-drama like this is tricky in terms of plot. It can go flop – boring… But, not a chance, I felt bored. Each character has its pikes and downhill. Plots are gradually improved. We know when there is a climax…. Also, the ending is a great one. It concludes everything perfectly… No death (spoiler).

The drama is a perfect picture of life.

Dear My Friends

Park Wan once asks her grand ma – if she can define life in one sentence, what would it be…

Nothing much


Kim Young Ok

Grand ma answers like that… Life is nothing much. The drama might have nothing much happening, do not expect dramatic jealousy, dramatic fluctuation of economy, or complicated relationship, the drama simply gives you insight about life itself. 🙂

NOTE: I love the costumes! Why I want to point this out, because each grandma has its own style according to their personalities. Not only sponsored fashion ad. 🙂

Thank you Pd Nim, writernim, and all the harapeochi and haelmoni

Casts and Crew
Casts with No Hee Kyung (writer), Cosmopolitan Korea

Currently Watching: Lucky Romance and 38 Units.

Let me know what other dramas that you might want me to review it. Kindly write any comment or send me email. I’d be happy to take it. 🙂


Production house: tvN

Director: Hong Jong Chan

Writer: No Hee Kyung

Casts: Go Hyun Jung, Go Du Shim, Park Won Suk, Na Moon Hee, Kim Hye Ja, Youn Youh Jung, Shin goo, Joo Hyun, Lee Kwang Soo, Jo In Sung, Sung Dong Il, Jang Hyun Sung, Shin Sung Woo

NOTE: Imo: aunts (mother’s sisters)

Harapeochi (grand pa)

Haelmoni (grand ma)


Oh Hae Young Again!! (tvN, 2016)

I originally want to talk about this drama and the other drama (Dear My friends) together in one post, but I change my mind in the last minute. I end up having so much to say for both dramas. First thing first, Oh Hae Young Again. The thing with this drama is, I was happy and disappointed at the same time, and then felt good about it for the last episode. I will just type down what I truly feel about the drama. It is probably going to be a quiet objective post (compared to the other precedings)

Another_Miss_Oh-p1I was not planning to dig in into this drama right away. I was being loyal to watch Six Flying Dragons, but the episodes were too long, and all the people have been raving about Another Miss Oh, so I gave it a try, and hooked. However, it came a little bit off in the middle, but it was back in the game for the last episode, so I can conclude that it was one enjoyable drama.

The story of Another Miss Oh started off pretty ordinarily. Though, it has a little bit of paranormal thingy in the end, but the deeper emotional out from the character exists. Another Miss Oh, or Oh Hae Young Again is about two girls named Oh Hae Young. One is pretty Oh Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin), the other one is Only Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin). We can have sense that there is a little bit of ‘competition.’ Things are going super smooth for pretty Oh Hae Young, her class mates are always cheering for the pretty one and leaves the ordinary Oh Hae Young alone. Note, that they went to the same high school. Ordinary Oh Hae Young accepts this situation; though, she indeed has a little bit bitterness towards the pretty Oh Hae Young. She is just looking forward to her graduation day where she is finally away from the pretty Oh Hae Young.

Pretty Oh Hae Young, Jeon Hye Bin

Life goes on, the ordinary Oh Hae Young is getting married… or not? She thinks her life after high school will be better because there will be no more Pretty Oh Hae Young to be compared with. Tomorrow is her wedding day, but why her fiancee ( Lee Jae Yoon) just says that he wants to pull the wedding off. Her bad luck is continue with or without the pretty Oh Hae Young. At least that what she thinks.

Confusion of ‘this’ Oh Hae Young and ‘that’ Oh Hae Young still lingers around these two girls’ fate. Until ordinary Oh Hae Young meets a guy who has relation to pretty Oh Hae Young, and you can figure that the two fates are still interchanging. Involving a lot and a lot of melancholy moments plus hilarious moments as well. I will not go into very detailed description here. But, what we know, ordinary Oh Hae Young is in love with pretty Oh Hae Young’s ex-fiancee, Park Dong Kyung (Eric Mun, Shinhwa) . And let the rest of the story will be revealed once you are watching it.

Do kyung and Hae Young


Talking about the story in general, I have a mixed feeling about it. There are a lot of K-drama elements in it. I mean, the story requires a very great imagination from the writer side. Fate is written very precisely for each character. Like it is a must that the characters will meet at some points. Many supported characters are there for some humour too. The drama gives you some potential comical scenes (in a lot of them), but also strikes you with many many emotional moments.

The drama starts off quickly and jumps into our mixed feeling about the main characters. There’s pity and also disgust (personal impression). However, it gradually gives you more and more melancholy moments when you just take a pity on the ordinary Oh Hae Young. I admit Seo Hyu Jin’s acting in here is particularly believable and somehow she can make her character, ordinary Oh Hae Young, relate-able to us. Not exactly the same story line, but similar situation to our daily life .Though there were some scenes that reminds me of Let’s Eat 2 In the end of the day, her reaction is just… jjang

Talking about the drama from tvN, I guess this is one of the uniqueness that tvN can bring. Ordinary yet special. I mean… I have found this kind of storylines a lot in other broadcasts dramas. I tend to differentiate dramas from tvN, because it somehow feels different (recalling Misaeng, Signal, Liar Games, and others).  However, we can still find it special. There are really two things that are outstanding. One, Seo Hyu Jin REALLY makes you feel the PAIN! Really! Truly! Even though you have never shared same name with other, but she really acts like she deserves all the attention in the world. LOL. I love at some point you finally realize that the title speaks out. ” Another Miss Oh!” or “Miss Oh Again”, but I think the fittest among all is “Oh Hae Young again.. againn.. and agaiiiin” it is like the desperation of ordinary Oh Hae Young. She yells out of desperation because she feels so unfair! I cannot explain any further because it will give you a major spoiler. Nevertheless, that one particular episode (or two, or more) have made me love the show, and it is memorable.

Seo Hyu Jin


Second thing; Kim Mi Kyung! Kim Mi Kyung!! Kim Mi Kyung!!!!!! She really can nail every character that is given to her! She, as a mother of Ordinary Oh Hae Young can portray her so-much-love of her daughter through her anger, her tears, her silence, her fists, gestures, and everything else. She can remind us of our own mom. I can see my mom will act the same thing to me if I have similar situations with ordinary Oh hae Young. Love it. Love her.

There are three things that surprise me. One, appearance of cameo!! There were trends in tvN dramas where cameos appeared for foresee future drama or pasts drama. For example, we have Oh jung Sae from N

Yeon Woo Jin 

ine Plus appears on Misaeng (the preceeding drama), we have Seo In Guk (high School, King of Savvy) on Oh My Ghostess, and all the Reply 1997 casts on Reply 1994, and I was cracking up when I saw Yeon Woo Jin back as GONG GI TAE ( his character on Marriage Not Dating), except now he’s a lawyer not a plastic surgeon. HAHAHAHA I loved his short appearance so much!! Gong Gi Tae is back indeed. FYI, the PD is the same, that is the biggest reason why we can have Yeon Woo Jin as GONG GI TAE! Lol…

Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo, dramabeans

Second thing, you see this girl with purple hair? She is the no-sound-laugh girl from Roommate variety show by SBS, Heo Yeong Jin. She is an X-member of KARA. She is my pleasant surprise on the show. Quriky, sassy, and just because you know her on reality show, it is quiet amazing seeing her acting on this drama. She was such an innocent girl on Roommate, maybe because she’s still a newbie. Watching her playing as Anna on this drama was my pleasant surprise. It is a good thing! I am dying to see more of her as an actress.

Yeon Jin

Third thing, it is a little bit bad surprise… at least for me. This drama also has side stories, but it is kinda a boring ones. Reminding me of earlier Korean drama. Why do I have to point this out? Because, we are talking about tvN dramas, and I am just so used to a solid side story from tvN dramas. Not saying it is sooo bad, but maybe I have my expectation, also again… because I am so used to amazing side stories to support the core story. But, tvN is the only production house which kept me watching dramas from the beginning to the end unlike other broadcasting stations dramas where I cold-heartedly left the drama before hitting certain number of Episodes. #heee

Overall, it is not a bad drama. Well, it has some down parts like the extension of two more episodes, but it deserves its popularity. The director attempts a mixture between comical drama plus emotional one. At least, he has made me weeping a lot and laughing a lot. And I love Jeon Hye Bin in here. Such a perfect fit for the Pretty Oh Hae Young. Jjang. The most important thing is what I felt after finishing the last episode. I felt pretty good. Anyway, the drama has many resemblance to Marriage Not Dating. The ending also. To give you little note, I think I enjoyed Marriage Not Dating more just because it has a consistency compared to Oh Hae Young Again. Just sayin…


I can’t wait to review about the next drama, Dear My Friends. My heart is sold.


Broadcasting House: tvN

Director: Song Hyun Wook

Writer: Park hae Young

Casts: Eric Mun, Seon Hyu Jin, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Mi Kyung, Ye Ji Won, Kim Ji Suk, Heo Jeong Min, Lee Jae Yoon, Lee Han Wi, Heo Young Ji

NEXT: Dear My Friends…


Kwak Jin Eon – the Sentimentil Winner of Superstar K 6

Who does not know Seo In Guk? He is loved by his role on drama Reply 1997, but is everyone aware that he was debuted as a singer before? He was the first winner of Superstar K back in 2009. Then, the show has produced many great singers afterwards. There was Huh Gak who was really loved in Immortal Songs 2 despite his look is not a flower boy :). Then, the winner of Superstar K 3 was my favorite group Ulala Session, with the runner up Busker busker. Busker busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” is forever a spring song, it is played every where whenever spring is coming. The Superstar K 4 winner was Roy Kim who is loved by his sentimental voice with the runner up Dickpunks which is my favorite band as well. The winner of Superstar K5 is Park Jae Jung now joined Mystic Entertainment along with Eddy Kim (who’s in the Superstar K 4 before). Then we are talking about Superstar K 6!! It is Kwak Jin Eon. The sentimentil winner of Superstar K, I may say. Nonetheless, I watched Superstar K because of him! Now, he is finally releasing the first album after 2 years winning the competition!!

Kwak Jin Eon

The reason why I mention about the winners of the Superstar K because it is acknowledged that Superstar K has been producing amazing singers!! They are super talented. Recalling Ulala Session, Dickpunks, and Busker busker who are not a typical boyband/band in Korea. I love how the winners or the finalists have distinct color to present, not to mention Kwak Jin Eon, our hero of the day.


First encounter with his deep voice was on Misaeng way before I watched the drama I guess. It was one of un-predicted video that I found when I searched for Misaeng OST. There his name was appeared with a deep voice song, a sorrowful yet promising melody. For a fun reading, you can check this blog over here 🙂 

NOTE: Please click to the link for videos and further information 🙂

His deep voice has enchanted me instantly. It raised my curiosity of this singer, and finally it lead me to his audition clips which blew me away! His first audition was his own song. He wrote and produced it, it is included in  his first album, titled ‘Regret.’ It is a song about how one wants to go back in time to avoid things that he could regret later. He mentions about wanting his mother to come back in life. In short, we know that it was an emotional song. The judge at that time was Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Bom Soo, Kyuhyun, and Narsha from Brown eyed girl were amazed by his short sentimental performance. Narsha was crying, and everybody was in silent after the song ended. Narsha said, she was curious of what has been happening in Jin Eon’s 24 (at that time) years life. They craved for more, I craved for more.

Kwak Jin Eon, first audition

Before getting to the live show, they had to perform in a group for elimination sections. 2 group performances, and they are sooooo loved. One was a trio, Kwak Jin Eon paired with Kim Feel and Lim Do Hyun who all ended up in the big three. I could not find the title in English. Nonetheless, me and other foreign viewers were blown away by their arrangement. It was arranged by Kwak Jin Eon. There, he was acknowledged as a true artist. Moreover, we have to hear the duet of Kim Feel and Kwak Jin Eon singing ‘Dont Worry‘ by Wild Chamomile. I think it was the best cover ever! I love the song and the meaning of it, I have heard the original, the one that Ali sang on Immortal Songs 2, even Lee Juck’s version for Reply 1988 OST, I still think their rendition is the best! It is great because of the combination the low pitch from Kwak Jin Eon and the high ones from kim Feel. Damned, I just love them. Period. Then, finally it was coming to the two as the finalist. Well, we finally knew that the trophy was for Kwak Jin eon (yeaay!) However, no matter how hard I searched for more about Kwak Jin Eon, it was sooo hard. More about Kim Feel, he released his album earlier and got into Immortal Songs 2 for a couple of times.

After he was noted as the winner of Superstar K6, he and Kim Feel have been in various projects together. The LG and hite ads, a couple of movie soundtracks, and collaborated with Yoon Jong Shin as his monthly project – December. They sang a song called ‘Exhausted.’ My favorite tunes to conclude the year. Don’t know how much I replayed the song over and over again. I even copied the eng sub lyrics. It was a beautiful song.


Finally, last Spring, Kwak Jin Eon released his first ever album! He was honest that he was under stressed while producing it. It was an album that mostly arranged and composed by him. His single ‘Go With Me’ was so Jin Eon. He started with only his voice, and it stunt me, so soothing. Based on Gaon Chart for Physical album for the week, Kwak Jin Eon’s album charted as number 10. Not bad.

Go With Me

Talking about the album, all the numbers are sentimental. There’s a hint of sorrowful trot plus some blues. It was a perfect album for a showering Spring. Melancholy, sentimentil, and light. I was so excited about the album, and really wish for more Kwak Jin Eon in the future. At least he can be on Immortal Songs 2 sooooon. Please please please!

As I said to you, K-Pop is so much more than the idols that we knew, it is not all about rapping and dancing, there’s a melancholy side of it as well. Kwak Jin Eon is reminding me of an old American Folk song like Carpenters, Twin Folio (korean), his singing technique is so direct but with a rich – deep toned. Combined with acoustic musics and sorrowful lyrics, it is sooo soothing. I think it is best for a raining day. It is not a sad album, and I did not understand the whole lyrics, but, I am not bored to listen to it over and over again.

Kwak Jin Eon in a few words are; conventional, deep, and warm



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