Danny Collins

Al Pacino as Danny Collins
Al Pacino as Danny Collins

When Al Pacino is back in Melodrama

Danny Collins (Al Pacino) is just one good example of fame can turn you out. More girls, more money, more drugs, more fame, no more new songs, less inspiration, no family. His last album was out years ago, but people still asked him to perform “baby… baby…” song. Cheesy, boring song that Collins has no energy to sing it anymore. But, for the sake of this entertainment world he lives in, he gives in.


friendsTalking about fame is talking about fake  friends, fake fiancee, but one thing for sure, Collins is lucky to have his best friend, Frank Gubman (Christopher Plummer) as his manager. Gubman has some luck, is able to find a long due undelivered letter from the beloved John Lennon himself. Its letter is endearing and awakening. Just that. Collins decides that it is time for him to stay away from fame, gets back to his root – family. He is looking down to his only son, Tom Donnoly (Bobby Cannavale). He went to a little town, resided in Hilton hotel for infinite time, avoiding to be in suite, insisting to put a grand piano inside his room. .

Frank and Danny

He goes to his son’s address and meets his grand daughter, and pregnant daughter in law (Jennifer Garner). He finds out that his son is unhappy meeting him, his grand daughter is diagnosed as ADHD, and the last thing he wants to hear is his son has a disease.

DANNY COLLINS - 2015 FILM STILL - Giselle Eisenberg stars as “Hope Donnelly” and Jennifer Garner stars as “Samantha Leigh Donnelly” - Photo courtesy of Hopper Stone / Bleecker Street Danny Collins Productions, LLC

Collins tries his best to get a part in his small family. He is being genuine about it. He’s trying his best to be a father figure at least.

And just that, I knew that this film is about father-son journey.

SPOV – Sivibi’s Point of View

John Lennon letter to Tilston

At first, I did not notice that Al Pacino was in the movie which is a good point. That means, he immerses himself to be Danny Collins. It is a pleasant surprise to find Christopher Plummer is back on the screen, despite how slow he walks, and how old he looks. This movie proofs that Hollywood can still produce a heart-warming family movie that I personally miss. I am tired of seeing horror or action movies up on the cinema with storyless, and more graphics. Name like Al Pacino is no surprise giving us such a memorable and powerful character. Danny Collins is a true story , but comparing the real ‘Danny Collins’ and the movie, you just knew that Hollywood puts its little spice in it. Hollywood adapts the life of Steve Tilston’s life on the screen. For four decades, Tilston has been in the field, but he just recovered himself by a piece of letter from John Lenon, the legend himself. All is similar except Danny Collins isan American hearthrobe whilst Tilston is a British legend.


All in all, the casts are just great. Christopher Plummer is still a love for the eyes to see. Still fresh in my mind, young Plummer as captain Von Trapp in The Sounds of Music. Always lovely to see him on the movies. Gosh, I was really really excited spotting him.

Danny Collins is reminding us about father-son’s bond that usually harsh. Many says son is mommy’s boy, and daughter is ‘daddy’s little girl,’ but you missed the point that son – is Father’s friend. Every son still needs a father’s support. Mother can be comforting, but to do certain things, you need a little support from you old man don’t you think.


You need to watch the very last scene. Wait until you hear every single words that Collins say to his boy then you will agree my words.


Production House: Bleecker Street

Director: Dan Fogelman

Writer: Dan Fogelman

Casts: Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale, Christopher Plummer

year: June 2015

Official Web: Danny Collins movie

All the pictures are from the original web, BBC, and other resources. I don’t own anything



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