When you just never get enough

Here I am. Back to WordPress again.

I have made quiet a movement within this whole blogging thing. Back and forth with Blogspot and WordPress. By my instinct, I think wordpress is a home for what I am going to create. šŸ™‚ or maybe not?


The original idea is still the same. I would like to blog about movies, actors, singer, songs, anything that are not so mainstream. I, myself, am a person who always falls for something that is not so popular among others. I love Korean Indie music, I love underdog actors and actresses, I love heavy or light literatures, anything that is not on 100 billboard. That’s me. It’s been like this ever since I know about entertainment world. While others watching Hollywood action movies in the cinema, I would purchase a movie ticket for an Indonesian movie. Watching it alone on top of that šŸ˜‰

Thus, this blog is dedicated to those who need to be known. Warning, that I am not going to be very objective in reviewing. But, I try my best to outline all the goods and the bads.

No worries, sometimes you can find things that is also famous.

I have done this long before. Switched from WordPress and Blog spot.

I love my MABOG, it went pretty well. I just need something more universal, and better format. Thus, I choose this domain to be the house of my insights again.

I stick with Blogspot for my personal blog – Strawbearies

So… to my commitment; it will be biweekly posts. One post or two posts per term are still decided. Enjoy…

First post: Danny Collins – movie




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