Oh My Ghostess

Drama 49 days
Drama 49 days

A woman being possessed by a ghost? It is not a new thing in drama land. Chef falling in love with his own assistant chef? Not surprising. Nevertheless, please stay for a while. We are talking about a drama from TvN. They are not giving you just ‘a drama’ that you are familiar with.

Drama Pasta
Drama Pasta

Oh My Ghost

Oh My Ghostess official poter
Oh My Ghostess official poter

is giving you more than just a rom-com drama. It has its own thrill and melancholy moment. Not to mention more talents to be discovered. To my surprise, Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun, possessed or not, is able to exceed all the expectations.

Park Bo Young – Na Bong Sun

Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) is an introvert girl. She always holds back her self. It is not her choice that she is able to see ghost or communicate with them. However, it is her choice to be selfless, and put aside her happiness because she is too afraid. Then, chef Kang Sung Woo (Jo Jeong Seok) makes her to be able to dream again. At least, she is joining his kitchen at Sun restaurant. She tries to live.

Jo Jeons Seok - Kang Sung Woo
Jo Jeons Seok – Kang Sung Woo
Kim Seul Gi – Shin Soon Ae

On the other end, Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), is dead. Her three years death anniversary will come soon and if she is not sent to heaven yet, her soul will be an evil spirit. She needs to resolve her grudge as a Virgin Ghost. She needs to find a man with vitality to be able to solve her grudge and goes to heaven. She’s possessed many sexy ladies and tries to seduce many men, but still, it is unsuccessful. Until, she meets Na Bong Sun accidentally. Of course, she also meets Chef Kang (Jo Jeong Seok) which tadaaa is her dreamy man with vitality.



Everything seems to work out, Soon Ae is able to possess Na Bong Sun in order to ‘attack’ chef Kang, Na bong sun (being possessed or herself) can get closer with the man of her dream, chef Kang. It is just one more step, Soon Ae can solve her grudge, but she holds back. She is too sincere with chef Kang. Aside from that, she is also encountering with the reason why she is dead. Involving Chef kang’s brother in law, Soon ae’s crush when she is still alive. She thinks she can’t leave just yet. There is another life is in danger.


Lim Ju Hwan - Officer Choi


This drama has everything that makes me happy. It is a reunion between Jo Jeong Seok and Lim Ju Hwan! They were in What’s Up together (another drama that I cherish). What’s Up was the drama where I acknowledged Jo jeong Seok’s acting skill. Ah I love him ever since.

Jo Jeong Seok in what's up
Jo Jeong Seok in what’s up
Lim Ju Hwan in what’s up

Secondly, this drama has moreghostess12-00071 men. All the cooks are great. I think it is TvN’s specialities to make every character is alive and important as it is. Casts are so great; Kang Ki Young, Choi Min Chul, Kwak Si Yang, and Oh Eui Sik. I love guys friendship. It is rude yet fuzzy. I love the chemistry between them all towards Na Bong Sun in the end, and how they’re presence as the cheerleader are just fun to watch. I don’t know what kind of magic that TvN has given, their cheesy affection felt differently. They are really shine on their own. Ah I think I have found the correct word to describe all the casts. They are all ~relax~ Just like they are being themselves. Everyone of them. Well, I may say one of two sides are still like drama-drama acting. However, I always enjoy to see those sides are doing well.


On top of that, it is a pleasant surprise to see Shin Eun Kyung plays as a funky mama.

Shin Eung Kyung – Kang Sung Woo’s mom

But, we of course have to discuss about Park Bo Young’s cuteness overloaded. Her skill to go back and forth as Possessed Bong Sun and the normal Bong Sun is just jjang. I give credit that Park Bo Young can excel the character Na Bong Sun is being possessed. She is really reminding us of Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi). Please don’t forget that she has been in several hit movies.

Kim Seul Gi definitely has to be considered as one of the great talents.  She is indeed an expert to become an annoying one. Towards the end of the drama, she just makes us sympathize with Shin Soon Ae.  She is one talented actress. Really!


I appreciate how Yang Hee Sung (writer) creates the character of Chef Kang Sung Woo. I enjoy watching a perfect man figure, rich background, with sassy classy interior room that makes  you say ‘Wow’. Kang Sung Woo here is told as charming leading man with cockiness and also a messy ‘normal’ room. Why do I have to point this out? As a person who watches many drama, I like how ‘human’ the character is. He is charismatic when he’s in the kitchen with that sexy chef uniform. He can be so caring with his sister. He can be very stern towards his mom. He can be very cute when he’s in love. Kang Sung Woo is not created to be one charismatic character or one annoying character, he is just simply a human. I can’t think of anyone else that can nail the character as Jo Jeong Seok did. He is annoyingly cute when he is in love.

Jo Jeong Seok - Kang Sung Woo
Jo Jeong Seok – Kang Sung Woo

Credit to TvN, and Yoon Jae Won (a briefly new director), always gives us details and great dialogues. Before this, I watched Prime Minister and I (KBS, 2014), it was not bad, but the writer just uses typical dialogue. Oh My Ghost, how to put it, is like drama drama but real. The story of possession, a little bit twisted thriller, ghosts around are fantasies that we can only find on drama or movie. Nevertheless, it was wrapped nicely with points that the writer wants to give.

“Try to live your life to the fullest, because it can be gone easily”

This drama is witty, thriller, enough romance, and warmth.



TV Station: TvN

Director: Yoon Jae Won

Writer: yang Hee Sung

Casts: Jo Jeong Seok, Park Bo Young, Lim Ju Hwan, Shin Eun Kyung, Kim Seul Gi, Kwak Si Yang,

Year 2015

More information: Asian Wiki

Recap: Dramabeans


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