Never Got enough – MISAENG (OST)

I am super excited when received a package. A friend of mine went to South Korea and I asked him to get me the OST of MISAENG. What I got was beyond my expectation. I felt like flying on the ninth cloud. It is never enough to talk about Misaeng. I have made a review of the drama here. Please check it if you have no idea what drama I am talking about.

As a die hard fan of MISAENG, I just can’t get enough of its euphoria.

I downloaded several of its soundtracks, listened to the full album online, and I concluded that I needed to get it, to own it.

The OST turned out to be a CD and a booklet full of behind the scene pictures, along with some letters in Korean (I can’t read it comprehensively), and I was super ecstatic.



The whole album itself was giving a lot of emotions. I am basically a fan of OST. I have more OSTs than singer’s albums. From Disney to Indonesian musicals, and now I add this as my healing and working companion. It contains 24 songs including 7 songs sang by various artists.


I browsed a bit about the OST and many other bloggers are agree that they love the OST just as they love the drama. This album can be categorized by 4 things; witty, despair, motivational, and calming/touching. Talking about songs are about the lyrics. They all show how small and nothing to still have hope, remembering mother and father figures. Talking about the instruments, I was just bought by them. It all showcases how powerful melodies can be. From the soft touch of piano to strumming bass and electric guitar just mixing and switching your emotion up and down.

There are six artists participating in this album. Rose Motel opens the collection with its guff ball attitude yet quiet in despair lyrics. Rose Motel is a talented and crazy rock band. I love them since I watched Immortal Songs 2. This song suits them well. It suits the drama well too.

‘Romantic Ideal’

The dream of having a drink
The lights that pull me in the far distance

Even if I’m weak
A man has to walk alone
Sometimes I fall from the wind

Young and sorrowful days
When my sad dreams crumble down
I couldn’t pick it back up
Even when I got on my knees

It’s a puzzle that I must solve in the end
It’s a mountain I must climb in the end
Youth and its brightness has been turned off

Looking back, it’s all scars
The pitiful me is crying
Once again, I am saddened by the sun rising again

My weak soul
My weak heart
No one pity me
Because I will change my destiny

Second single is coming from Han Hee Jung with a song titled ‘Tomorrow’. She’s an indie musician and brings this song to be so melancholy. Despair is the right word yet the tunes of the melodies are so calming. Listening to this before sleeping is highly recommended.

Another day has gone
Tomorrow comes again
The world moves busily
Crying at the words of my father who has only looked ahead

Track number three is my most favorite! It appears firstly on Episode 4 where all the things are coming together, we can locate our heroes and I personally felt being uplifted. It is sang by one of singers that have been missing; Yi Sung Yool. No. He is not from the Infinite, he actually one of the rockers under Fluxus music. I knew him from the collaboration between the fluxus musician in 2009 with a song titled Butterfly. It is an OST of ‘Take Off’. The lyrics are perfectly fitted with the drama.

Everything is broken down
I don’t see a single place to put my foot down

A black air covers me
Making it impossible to open my eyes

Don’t stop there, that’s not your place
Get up and fly far away

I don’t know how long it will take
But you can take it, spread your wings and fly

The next song is actually a remake. It is originally sang by Yoo Jae Ha. The song called Hidden Path. I personally fond of this song because of many many things. First, I heard it from Immortal Songs 2; Yoo Jae Ha’s special. Sang by my sexy JK Kim Dong Uk. Again, I heard it in Kpop Star audition, and now found it in this drama.  Here is presented by a korean indie band called Red Cheek Puberty, reminding me of baby driver and Ibadi. The lyrics are just all of the emotions of knocking the rock bottom. Down, but raising up. Motivational yet sorrow. This arrangement is pursued to make us feel related to the drama.

Inside the vague and faint fog
The path is ahead
The same path as the rainbow
That is far away as if you can catch it but not
Are you waiting for me somewhere over there?
I look around but I can’t find you

My dear, please be my strength
So I can find this path that is given to me
My dear, make a path for me
My hidden path

Next, we have our hero Im Si Wan sings the number! He is a member of boyband; Ze:A though it is not as popular as other boybands, but I can tell that he sings pretty well. Ze:A members are now more known as actors. I simply love the title. ‘But Still… so..’ it is so Jang Geu Rae. It sounds like Jang Geu Rae sings it alone. It sounds like he is speaking.

Everyone tells me
That there’s no room for me to take a step

Difficult times come to me again
Making the small me even smaller

Hope comes to me as well
Though it’s just a wish to make a smile

Will things be okay when time passes?
Will I get used to it? Even if I’m lonely?
When a day passes, I realize that I’m alone again
But still, I want to live

The last is the hidden gem!!! I just figured it by listening the whole album. The singer is Kwak Jin Eon an unknown name for me. A bit research says that he was the winner of Superstar K6. His voice reminds me of Kim Dong Ryul with a hint of Yang Hee Eun’s tune. Sounds so old!? hahaha Anyway, this song is just a way showing how one despair soul wants to stand up again. Therefore, there is a hint of let go, just facing whatever it comes, since knowing that there is still hope. It is not the end of the world. The song titled … ‘Cheer’

I’m not lonely even among the crowd
I’m used to this ashy city
My tiny apartment feels cozy

I wanted to live a cool life just once
But now I think I’m really tired
Saying that I’m alright is more comfortable

Just like everyone knows, just like everyone else lives
I know that I have great wings

Just like how my mother said to live confidently
Just like back then, like the stubbornness
I draw out my droopy shoulders

The child who left his home, saying he’d change the world
He’s not me but still, let’s be strong

Just like everyone knows, just like everyone else lives
I know that I have great wings

Track number 7 is the same with number 4 but in Band version. The rest of tracks to number 24 are scores.

Track 8 – Title Misaeng; sounds motivational just like waking up in the Morning

Track 9 – Office Junior; sounds a bit comical

Track 10 –  Day, the instrument of ‘Tomorrow’

Track 11 – Endure the Lonely Time; it is categorized as a motivational and calming sound at the same time to me. Just a duo of Piano and guitar. the song tells it all; “Please endure it!”

Track 12 – No time TO Lose, Hurry UP

Track 13 – Rookie; this song appears everytime Han Suk Yool the chattery box is appearing. Fun and exciting.

Track 14 – Jordan Fantasy, it is really bringing you to sense the thick sound of middle eastern here

Track 15 – Quits. This particular song makes me picturing them working, having meeting, and preparing the PD.

Track 16 – Okay? Okay! For this one, I picture them marching to go for a presentation, like a hero is appearing to conquer the world. Everything will be OKAY

Track 17 – The Path to Work. I clearly remember that this track is always on when the drama is started in the Morning. Showing how they are about to start their hectic days.

Track 18 – Begin. Nerve racking. I think that’s the best adjective I can find to explain.

Track 19 – Unavoidable Snow. I hear trouble. Mysterious.

Track 20 – Tears; my healing. Its simple quiet melody just like somebody is understanding

Track 21 – Rotten Smile. Witty just like the title.

Track 22 – Wait-and-See Policy. It sounds like they are about to confirm something suspicious haha (I am a bit too fantasy-call here)

Track 23 – How about drink tonight – it indeed sounds like a drunkard haha

Track 24 – Consolation is just a good finale. It is calming with a subtle humming. It concludes all. Everything will be just alright for Manager Oh, Jang Geu Rae, and everything else, including us. 🙂

Overall, This is so far my most fave OST from Korea-Land. The other one was the OST of Seducing Mr. Perfect. What I love about it because by hearing it alone, I can picture my fave scenes in my head. Perfectly good when you are feeling down and alone. Perfectly fit for me who lives by herself, far away from family. Loneliness knows me by name. Misaeng is my healing. Wherever I am stressed or feeling down, I re-watch the episodes or just simply listening to the OST, I magically feel better.


Ah… #can’tmoveon



Indonesian; Film Yang Kutonton – blog

English; Popgasa, Full translated lyrics



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