Rom-Com tvN – Twenty Years Again & Marriage, not Dating

Sorry for a hiatus. I have been sick for two weeks and my family was here in town. However, there was always time for a Korean drama or two. I will discuss about two dramas from tvN. One is the latest hype with our hero Lee Sang Yoon and heroine, Choi Ji Woo. The other is starred with somebody that I don’t really know.

Let’s talk…

Twenty Years Again

credits to dramabeans
credits to dramabeans

I found this drama was a bit depressing. Why? It is a story about a 38 year old lifetime-housewife who was filed by her husband a divorce agreement after 20 years of marriage. On top of that, she was married with that man because she was pregnant at 19 year old. What’s more devastating was her life was only about her husband and son. Not graduating. Not working. When they signed their divorce agreement, she decides to go to college with the little hope that when she is able to be more intelligent, she can stay with her husband.

credit to dramabeans
credit to dramabeans

But, the fact speaks differently. Her journey to college has brought her back to her high school friend, gain her husband and son’s love and respect. She can do things that she can’t do before. Joining club, making friends, and performing dancing again.

I can say that this drama is THE MOST NORMAL drama that tvN produces in spite of 38 year old freshman college student as the main star. But, you can find every aspect of Korean rom-com including taking care of a sick person, arguing, warm and cold interactions, and end with a back hug and confession. hahaha. However, tvN has its own kicks. It is made as a comical drama and I enjoyed it soooo much. And tvN’s secret weapons; casts and soundtracks. Casts are loveable as always. We have Choi Ji Woo as the ahjumma, Lee Sang Yoon as the cocky-annoying-charming leading man, and Choi Woon Young as the annoying husband. I love them all.

Choi Woon Young - dramabeans
Choi Woon Young – dramabeans
Lee Sang Yoon - dramabeans
Lee Sang Yoon – dramabeans

One other thing that makes me stick to the drama is tvN’s dramas always have values to share. For this particular case, it’s about gaining love of yourself, value of one self. I love how the ahjumma firstly being miss treated by her freshman young adult school mates, and then gained love by them. My star stealer is Na Young Hak the ‘senior’ who became Choi Ji Woo’s partner in one class. He firstly hate this nuna the most, but then he defends her. His affection is just lovely to be seen. And yes the soundtrack…

Na Young Hak - Dramabeans
Na Young Hak – Dramabeans

o you ye you… oh youuu… ye youuu…

Now! let’s talk about

Marriage, Not Dating.


I LOVE THE SHOW! I think I want to give more credits to this drama compared to Twenty Years Again. The other show has stars that we hears; Lee Sang Yoon and Choi Ji Woo, but Marriage, Not Dating’s casts are the Stars. I’ve only recognized JinWoon from 2 AM, the fathers, the mothers, and the grandma. I love to see Rap Gyu – Park Jung Gyu on the drama. He’s been loved when I started to see X-man. He is one witty ahjussi and his acting turns out NOT BAD.

Park Jun Gyu and Lim Ye Jin, dramabeans
Park Jun Gyu and Lim Ye Jin, dramabeans

But, the main thing is Yeon Woo Jin‘s performance as the leading man. I love emotional guy hahaha. I love his guff ball  and flirtatious side, he is one charming man. He’s not really handsome leading man (I am picturing Lee JIn Wook), but his performance is believable. The leading woman also excellent. Han Groo.

Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo, dramabeans
Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo, dramabeans

About this drama, it is just ordinary cliche plot of the rom-com world. Artificial and accidental couple becoming the real couple. But, I love there is no taking care of sick person scene, and no piggy back scene (unless you can call that one when Jang Mi piggy back Gi Tae when he’s dehydrating), their actions are romantic. Again, I found values that we can all relate to. It portrays marriage life perfectly. The side from Gong Gi Tae’s parents who are taking marriage life as a show or Joo Jang Mi’s parents who are portraying marriage life when communication is the key in marriage life. I love how the perspective from both leading man and woman adjust while the plot is growing. It is cute and heartwarming.

credit to dramabeans
credit to dramabeans

the star stealer of this drama is JinWoon!! I am a little bit sceptical of idol turned actor, but he nails it! and when he gets such a chocolate abs? hahahaha Actually everybody is a star stealer. I still salute to the mothers; Lim Ye Jin as Jang Mi’s mom and Kim Hae Suk as Gi Tae’s mom

Jin Woon, dramabeans
Jin Woon, dramabeans
Lim Ye Jin - Dramabeans
Lim Ye Jin – Dramabeans
Kim Hae Sook, dramabeans

Why tvN always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling from their drama, even though it is a thriller based or comedic based. I am just in love with tvN. Yes… yes… yes….

credit to dramabeans
credit to dramabeans

and oh I totally in for the soundtrack.

Can’t wait to see BubbleGum.


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