Wonderful Nightmare

You die too soon, and it turns out to be a mistake from heaven, so what’s next? Lee Yeon Woo (Uhm Jung Hwa) is granted a month to live before her own life is restored.


It is fascinating to see a ‘family movie’ like this again. It is also a pleasant surprise to see Uhm jung Hwa and Song Seung Hun are paired not for a rom-com genre. As we know, Uhm Jung Hwa and Song Seung Hun are the expert of romantic sometimes ero movie. I love seeing both.

Wonderful Nightmare or Miss Wife (Korean English title) is about Lee Yeon Woo (Uhm Jung Hwa), a successful lawyer who lives her luxurious-single life peacefully until one night when she gets into an accident. She is sent into the ‘terminal’.

There’s a chaos in heaven, a woman shouldn’t be dead until next month, but she is dead. Period. To be fair with nature, President Kim uses Lee Yeon Woo’s plea to make the universe in order again. Lee Yeon Woo has a chance to be back to her old life with a note that she must be living in someone’s place for a month.

When Yeon Woo opens her eyes, she is alive but she is now a wife and a mother of two. She who does not believe in love and family are having the two things that she avoids the most


By the time she tries to bear with the family, she finds every fascinating details about it. How her “younger son” is very caring. How her “husband” is actually really loves his family

She grows affection to her “new family” to her new role as a wife and a mother.


I love everything about it. The boy is especially genius. And Song Seung Hoon’s role as a father is especially loved.


This typical movie has been missed. Really. I am sick of Korean action movies or comedic movies. Well, we had Ode to Father before, but I wanted something like Seducing Mr. Perfect or 200 pounds of Beauty. This is like a mixed of Ode to Father and 200 Pounds of Beauty. Not really romantic, but definitely a family movie.





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