K-Drama in 2015

I know I know I know..
It might seem a little bit too ambitious to still post about K-drama in 2015. I am dying to let you know my favorite 10 dramas in 2015, just because I have watched so many dramas. It was definitely my year of K-drama.  This post is dedicated to those dramas which has given me thrilled, up and down roller coster feelings, a company through lonely nights.

As I counted, there were 30 or so titles that I have watched, finished and unfinished. Various genres, many new discoveries, and heartwarming drama.  Randomly from typical romantic drama that we knew from the drama land to thriller, swapping soul, multiple identity, old love revelations, and friendships. I got them all. I can conclude that 2015 was heavy on thriller, family, and friend turned lover story (at least from the list I watched). I can see many actors were hired on several names of drama. Most of the dramas I watched were in 2015. I also watched a couple of older dramas (e.g. Misaeng? hehehehe). Many are left unfinished, many left strong impressions. To name a few, I watched Misaeng in 2015 (it is a 2014 drama), Healer, Hidden Identity, Last, Hello Monster, Liar Game, Falling for Innocence, Kill Me Heal M, She was pretty, The time we’re not in love, Marriage not Dating, Twenty Years again, Let’s Eat 2, Sassy Go Go Go, warm and cozy, Maids, punch, and many more.

On the other end, Yong Pal, the Time we’re not in love, Warm and Cozy are those who failed me the most. I couldn’t bear to watch second episode of Warm and Cozy, it was sooooo off. I skipped a lot of episodes of the Time We’re not in Love (many people could curse me on this, but seriously, it was quiet boriiiiingggg), and I couldn’t bear to finish Yong Pal after 7th episode. A pain in ass. Hahaha.

After being messed up by Misaeng (standard-wise), I was allured to dramas that could pull my emotions out realistically. Don’t get me wrong, Misaeng was not the first drama that I felt realistic. Reply 1997, What’s Up, Dr. Champ, even Triple were the precedents. I still enjoyed watching drama drama, like those dramas which scene and dialogues were so cliche and were found in almost every drama haha. Prime minister and I was one of them, and Falling For Innocence was the perfect example.

For this post, I will count down my top 10 favorites. It is purely coming out from my own subjective. I am not trying to be objective anyway. just to have fun..

10. Hidden Identity.

It was well-crafted drama actually. I enjoyed the thriller, the way they need to disguise, and I love the villains so muuuuch! I love seeing Lee Kyung Yeong (Director Choi in Misaeng) back as the bad guy in the lamb coat. He plays his role well. However, I was longing to see a more solid, darker, and tougher group of section. Kim Beom was my biggest disappointment. Despite casts, writer has attempted a good thriller and private agent drama.

9. Kill Me, Heal me and Hyde, Jekkyll, and me.

It is a tie. I am sorry, but both dramas have ups and downs. Some of you might be more on Kill me heal me, but I think both dramas have things that can complete each other. Both are about multiple identity. Kill Me Heal Me has Ji sung and it is one of the best. I can’t lie. I enjoy every personality that comes from him. A solid acting to watch. But, I prefer how Hyde, Jekkyll, and me deals with the disorder. I love the Soon Joon’s role as the bad guy. The way he plays the therapist is believable. I also like the feeling I get for the last scene where Kim Seo jin (Hyun Bin) needs to say good bye to his other identity. I somehow don’t want him to be cured 🙂

8. She Was Pretty


It is hilarious indeed. I laughed a lot. Especially, whenever Siwon appears. I bow to his consistency but also deeper character that he actually brings. I am impressed.. I love Hwang Jeung Um‘s performance way better than in Kill me Heal me. The drama was bubbly and airy. It has a deep impact as well. If I may add, Park Soo Joon is better in Kill Me Heal Me, but the drama was an enjoyable watch with a twisted twitch in the end 🙂 .

7. Liar Game

liar game

Twisted, not so much romance, and so intriguing. Enough said. The drama is definitely a new wave of K-drama. It is so nice to see a rare drama like this once a while (we had Misaeng too!!!) It was super smart! Except the main female character, I love the thrill and oh Lee Sang Yoon. He was superb. I wouldn’t have imagined that he can pull out a character like the smart-ass in the drama.

6. Last


It is more a comical group of gang compared to other male-group squat. But, I love everything about it. Their love-hate relationship. Including the relationship between Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Boom Soo, and Park Won Sang. Lee Boom Soo really puts a lot of weight on his ambiguous position, whether he is the good or the bad. The gang in Seoul Station also picture a twisted hierarchy which is fun to watch. Park Ye Jin blows me away. She is deserved to be called as Madam… She portrays the most painful love ever.

5. Marriage, Not Dating


It was a pleasant surprise. I never expected myself loved this drama. There’s something about this drama that made us hooked. It was super cliche. It was super dramatic. And the casts were not really outstanding (to names like Lee Sang Yoon, Hyung Bin, and others). I love the pair so much tho. Yoon Woo Jin‘s cuteness overloaded when he falls in love is one of the reasons why I stick with the drama. LOL. I have talked about this drama in here.

4. Let’s Eat 2


I give this underrated drama so much space in my heart. Please! It is a heart-warming drama. Sharing food. Sharing feelings. Old friends. Anything about it is so lovable. I love how it points out the lonely solo living. How people need community, friends, and families. tvN does the magic anyway. Kwon Yool wins my heart for 2015. Hahahaha, I think he’s my 2015 oppa. Cant get enough of his character from this particular drama. Don’t know why.

3. Hello Monster


Gosh Park Bo Gum steals my heart away!!! His Stare is just… so intense! And I grew more love on Choi Woon Young at this drama. Played as psychopaths? cold-hearted/slash warm-hearted (counting he takes care of Park bo Gum’s character so earnestly) murderer. I see that more drama hides the villains under the smooth mask as a good-normal-person. Among those villains, I personally like this duo Park Bo Gum and Choi Woon Young pair as the villains. They killed many people and left the victims’ bodies can’t be tracked.

2. Healer

healer again

For the twisted, the strategy, the casts, and everything else, I can say that this drama is near to a perfection. KBS always nails this kind of drama. It was neat. A clean work. No flaws at all. LOL

  1. I think you might have guessed that I might mention Misaeng here. Nonetheless, I think it is unfair to put it in the list although yes Misaeng is my number one and my ultimate favorite, but for this ranking thingy, I want to give Oh My Ghostess more credits!
Oh My Ghostess official poter

I love Jo Jeong Seok. Period! But, to tell you the truth why I dare to say that this is my number one drama in 2015 because it has a balance between drama drama and realistic drama. It is about ghost possession, and it falls in love with the man. It starts out as a comedic drama, but then you feel deeper emotion in between. The relationship grows stronger between the three; the ghost, the leading man, and the leading woman. Later on, you will face a thrilled element, and it ends neatly as a warmest drama. Strange. Odd. Uncommon. Nevertheless, Oh My Ghostess has its charm. and one more time JO JEONG SEOK!! and oh Kim Seul Gi and Park Bo Young are my stealing my heart too.

To conclude K-drama trend in 2015, I saw many men squad, many villains are under cover, or in other words, they look just fine but you never know how many people the have killed. We saw many many many childhood friends to be lover like ‘fated to be’. Less taking care of sick person scene which is gooood, back hug still a trend. Finally, more realistic drama. Most dramas have strength in delivering mood and emotion. Healer, and many tvN dramas have been successfully drawn me as a viewer to stick because I can relate my self in it. It is a good sign. We will see what 2016 brings to us.

It is the second month of 2016, and I have watched 2 dramas. Not so many surprise yet! (come on, only 2?), but I have a flinch that it is going to be another roller coster ride.   I take a chance to ride the k-drama boat once again. Will see what I can discover. Gladly will share with you again..






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