Warmest Greetings from the Land of Ice (Youth Over Flowers Iceland – tvN, 2016)

My favorite actors in one scene is just remarkable. Moreover, Iceland scenery is just beyond what I expected! Reactions, anything that the four does, the PD, and everything else is just a perfect combination of the third season of Youth Over Flowers. We meet Jo Jeong Seok (Oh My Ghost), Jung Woo – garbage oppa (Reply 1994), Jung Sang Hoon (a Musical Actor, Man La Mancha), and Kang Ha Neul (Misaeng). From a respected website Dramabeans, I have read all the recaps of the show since I couldn’t find any subbed episodes. However, I enjoyed it as I could understand Korean. Their reactions were so lovable to be followed.


As usual, the three (Kang Ha Neul joined letter, with another kidnapping story) were told to meet for a pre-meeting for the trip. But, we all have guessed that Na PD will not do something easier. They came casually unknown of everything except Jo Jeong Seok who vaguely knows what’s going on. But, he tries to join the crowd. They are ‘kidnapped’ that very night to go to ICELAND. It is the very night they have to decide on one item that they want to bring with them. No clothes allowed, no luggage allowed, neither money and credit card are allowed. They are granted a sum of money for all the expenses including clothes, food, transportation, and lodging. Kang Ha Neul joins in the end with a tux. He is just end an award show, and two hours from that, he is flying to Iceland to join the three dummies.


The beginning is cute already. A lot of hugging and cheering. I had a glimpse that they will be very clingy, fun, and witty. Yes, they are! 7 days in Iceland have changed them to a better person. To start with, they all have known each other in real life. It is not like watching a celebrity on a tour, but it is watching four best friends on the go. They spend money very cautiously, eating a lot of hot dogs, asks a lot of free stuff in the restaurant, and have fun with their own way. Driving in Iceland is going to be a looooooong drive, but they have no problem ice breaking in the car. From singing in harmony, mimicking other celebrities to have a radio show on their own. It is the first time that production team has not been involved too much to make things interesting. They have made it interesting already. Jung Sang Hoon is a surprise for me. He is so witty and like a portable jukebox. He is the ‘director’ of every spontaneous acts. He will shout “5,6,7,8” and starts random dancing movement followed by fellow members. In every 10 minutes, he will sing a song or make up his own song.  Can’t figure who is the leader here, but other members put respect on Sang Hoon since he is the eldest. Though, Jeong Seok with his better sense being abroad have helped the gang a lot. Jung Woo on the other hand, is acting as the hugger. Hahahaha. He will hug everybody, anybody. Ha Neul is the maknae, and acts like one :).


More hilarious stuff is the BROKEN ENGLISH…

“Can I help me?”

“I Water, we are the water”


Oh M G, they can’t be cuter than that.

Iceland is so pretty. The production team has provided us a lot of great shots. How on earth ice and beach can be together?  They went to Geyser, Skogafoss, Reynisdrangar, Ice Cave, Jokulsarlon, and gosh… they see AURORA. The show indeed shows some charms of Iceland, and it makes me think to have Iceland as my honeymoon destination hahaha. It is so charming and romantic. I love that it showcases its nature.


Jo Jeong Seok

These four have experienced an incredible journey together. It is like a boys camp out! hahaha. The beauty of nature has made them (and us) realized that we are nothing. More on flashing back to the past as well. Seeing where we are standing now. How each one of them starts with small roles and rising slowly. Jo jeong Seok as the memorable Nabdeuki (from the movie, Architecture 101) and our beloved Eun Shi Kyung (King Two Hearts – but, my fave one is Lee Byung Geon in What’s Up) has made his way to be the main character and the most promising rising stars. I will not surprise to see him as great as Jung Woo Sung or Lee Jung Jae in the future. Jung Woo has been around for 15 years until he is recognized as the Garbage oppa in Reply 1994. Kang Ha Neul too, he starts in smal

Jung Woo and Ha Neul

l roles, and now we can see him more often in dramas and movies. Sang Hoon oppa has been in theater for a while too, and nowadays he starts a new role as a gagman in SNL. Four of them have been no one to someone. And this journey has made them appreciate what they have now.


Jung Sang Hoon’s last interview in Iceland


Salute to the S4!!


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Recap: Dramabeans 🙂

Pictures credit to Dramabeans as well.

Website: Dramanice

Production: tvN

Director: Na Young Seok


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