Midnight Diner – 2015

It is only a 30 minutes drama per episode. Contains 20 episodes in total. Kim Sung Woo as the main character does not much except doing the narration and showing some simple cooking like mixing, cutting, and plating. it may sound boring, but somehow… I like it.


It is a very low profile drama I may say. It is not extravagant like any other food-related dramas. Just simply about a late night diner opens up at 12AM – 7AM. You may think how Master (Kim Sung Woo) is eating or sleeping for all you see is him cooking and smiling all day long. He only wears the same cloth and looking so sober around midnight. I suspiciously guessed that Kim Sung Woo’s character – Master is a mysterious cook or a spirit since the word ‘midnight’ in the drama, but no, the center of the story is not Master but people that are in his diner. Kim Sung Woo maybe too simple for a role like this, but somehow… I enjoy it. I think he’s the best fit. He is like the real ahjussi.

The concept is only to shot in one small eating place. Every episode has its own story. There are regular “casts” customers and some “guests” customers who only appear on one or two episodes. Mentioned names like Ji Jin Hee, Oh Jji Ho, and Jo Dong Ryuk are the guests. The drama reminds me like Japanese drama concept. Not entirely about romance. It is a human drama. Indeed, it is an adaptation of a Japanese drama called Shinya Shokudo.


The main reason why I stick to the drama because it has a warm story to serve every single episode, plus you can see many stars in it. The dish is appetizing even though it is not really pointed out. Perhaps, for most people, this type of drama is just a company during meal time. However, there is a subtle vibe that make you stick with it.

It is good that once in a while K-drama steps  aside from all the love triangle and stocks cheating action. Also, we can learn more recipes aside from bibim bap, kimcji jiggae that we know. I found more recipes that are fascinating to be tried.

Production House: SBS

Directed by: Hwang In Roe

Written by: Yaro Abe (manga), Choi Dae Woong, Hong Yoon Hee


The Regulars: Kim Sung Woo, Choi Jae Sung, Nam Tae Hyun, Park Jung Myun

Sources: Asianwiki


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