Marriage Contract (K-drama 2016, MBC)

Let me close my eyes for a moment, let me repeat all the things happened in the last episode again, let me just right in this moment cherishing the feeling that still lingers on me after the last episode. Oh God… 🙂

It is time for MBC is back in the game! I am smiling contentedly typing this post. Why? Because, I finally get hooked not by tvN but by one of the big three (KBS, SBS, and MBC). It has been a while since I genuinely love the big three’s dramas. MBC is always special because I have a great memories with dramas under MBC ;All About Eve, Hotelier, Triple. They are my favorites.

We are back with conventional story type but with another level for sure. Dude, this drama needs only a poster and Lee Seo Jin‘s dimple to make me decide to watch it. And the first scene bought me already! Lee Seo Jin is not a handsome actor (right? or maybe he is?), but Han Ji Hoon (the character) is super charismatic. The first scene with Han Ji Hoon (no, it is Lee Seo Jin!) half naked body, I could not believe my eyes. I am so surprised that the drama actually surpasses all the expectation.



MarriageContract1-00040Overall, Marriage Contract initiates the story with a marriage contract. Kang Hye Soo (UEE), our heroine, is a single mom and trapped in the deceased husband’s unfinished credit from a loan shark, desperately looking to earn a big mount of money. She fights for her life and her daughter’s, Cha Eun Sung’s (Shin Rin Ah) future. It gets her end up working in the restaurant owned by our whining playboy-baby Han Ji Hoon (Lee Seo Jin) who’s not that young to have fun. Han Ji Hoon is actually an illegitimate son of the Chairman Han Soon Kook (Kim Yong Geon). It can be only found in K-drama that the illegitimate son is much more loved, while Ji Hoon’s mother (Lee Whee Hyang) is only a mistress.

All began with Ji Hoon’s mother, Oh Mi Ran’s disease. She is diagnosed having a big problem with her liver. Long story short, to survive she has to get a transplantation. What a bummer that the only closed relative, Ji Hoon, is not a match.Her only brother (Ji Hoon’s uncle) refuses to be a donor. The only way out is another family member to be a donor. It means that if Ji Hoon is married, the wife can be considered as a potential donor if everything is medically matched.

Ji hoon is practically a teenager in the old body, he never considered his future nor his marriage is in his plan. Perhaps, he just lives his life un-purposely, but hearing that her mother can die soon is a torment. He seems a person who does not care, so it is hardly to believe that he only thinks of his mom. It is true that he is raised by his dad, practically all of his needs are granted by his old man. However, his lonely heart is all for his mom. The best memory that he has as a child is when he still lives with his mom. Thus, there he is standing face to face with a woman who needs money, and the whole Marriage Contract is happening.


I know it sounds so obvious, but I try not to give any spoiler as best as I can. Here is the thing, Kang Hye Soo just figures out that she has a brain tumor on top of everything occurs to her. In her desperation, she is willing to do anything to survive, for the sake of her daughter. She does not know that in the end of the day, her genuine heart wins everything. Wins her mother in law’s heart, her ‘future’ mother in law’s heart, and Han Ji Hoon’s heart. She deserves to be happy does not she?



Oh My God, I am so dying to tell you everything that I thought while watching this drama but it will cause a major spoil. So… you get an overview of what is going on, and let us jump onto SPOV (Sivibi’s point of view)


I don’t know when was the last time I enjoy a melo-drama, or do I ever enjoy one? My last melo drama was Memories in Bali! Can you believe it? hahaha I am not a big fan of people dying in the end of the drama. Not saying that you will or will not find it in this drama,  let us just remained silent about the ending for a moment. It does not really matter. What matters is all that happens in this drama.

Marriage contract can be categorized as a conventional drama. You can find a mercenary father figure, a jealous brother, loan sharks, and of course a marriage contract which we only meet in the drama-land. But, what is special about this drama is the way it delivers, not what it contains.

In here, you can find character growths, sincere interactions between mother and son, mother and her child, between lover, ex-lover, even a snobby man with little kittens. All movements and dialogues are logical. You understand why each character expresses things on particular manners. Even cheesy words are delivered so casually unnoticed. I am so glad the writer is particularly meticulous on what she writes for each character. Moreover, it has the right pace. The plot is gradually built up. Each episode is getting better and better, and in no time you are reaching the last episode where it ends beautifully.


I think the show is a piece of art. It is purely a love story between our two main leads. I am so glaad that I finally can focus on the romance side without making me cringed. I am so fed up with back hugs, the love-talks in the drama saying that “you are only the one I care about”, here… gestures speak louder. By the hand-grabbing, the intense eye contacts, you understand what the characters want to tell us. Talking about main leads, we need to realize that it is LEE SEO JIN who stars in it. I can’t believe that the grumpy ahjussi can act this well. And Uee! the idol turns actor has just became a great actress. I am grateful that the character Kang Hye Soo is played by UEE. She portrays unfortunate solo in an elegant manner.This is the first drama where I watched both of them star in it. I fell for the grumpy Lee Seo Jin when he was the casts of Grand Pa’s over Flower, tvN as the luggage boy. He was so annoyingly adorable. Trough this drama, I can say he is a great actor indeed.



Seriously, I can make an essay about the show especially the last episode. I honestly was a bit disappointed that it ends differently than I originally think that a melo-drama ending can be. But, I end up being happy that it ends that way after repeated some scenes over and over again. It is much better  than I expected. The last episode has so many moments that are indescribable. There are many ‘silent dialogues’ that are touching. I am so satisfied with the casts and the director and the writer.

Han Ji Hoon is like a better version of Lee Seo JIn. Haha.It is like watching Lee Seo Jin with a bad-ass attitude in the beginning, but then with a better empathy.  If we are watching tvN variety shows for a while, then we can figure how Lee Seo Jin is actually in real life. He is grumpy, likes to nag, and actually is not really a fan of cheesy things, and here we are watching him doing things that we can’t imagine him doing before. God, why I just know about him now! And why does he only have very few dramas that we can watch.

mc again

Salute to the crew. Actually, I haven’t known any work from the director and the writer before. I only know news about the works. By looking at Kim Jin Min‘s list of works (director), he is the expert in melo-drama. I have only watched one work of writer Jung Yoo Gyung (You are the best, Lee Sun Shin), it was pretty decent. Their collaboration is magic in this show. Also, talking about magic, we cannot leave scores behind. The scores are just right. There is one with only a humming voice which appears in almost each melo scenes, and it makes everything so perfect. I believe sound creates soul. This drama has the right soul’. And please don’t forget all the supported talents here. Let us give enough space to embrace the 7 year old child actress Shin Rin Ah who plays Eun Sung astonishingly. If I can give an award, I want to give her the best out of the best. I want to hug her now.


In the end, the drama is about Acceptance. Eun Sung’s acceptance to Ji Hoon in her life and her mother’s life. It is Hye Soon’s mother in law acceptance towards Hye Soo and Ji Hoon’s situation, and the most important thing is Ji Hoon accepts Hye Soo with all her circumstances, and Hye Soon accepts Ji Hoon’s heart.

mc14-00932mc 2

Lee Kyeong Yeong

I accept this drama has how it is. The only one change I would make if I can, is the president Han, Ji Hoon’s dad. His role is too mediocre. If… IF… I can suggest, Lee Kyeong Yeong‘s appearance as the father will just change everything, making it a flawless drama. However, by now… I am contented with everything. Thank you  PDnim and writernim… for a beautiful… a beautiful show that embraces my heart.

mc 10


Produced by : MBC

Director: Kim Jin Min

Writer: Jug Yoo Gyung

Casts: Lee Seo Jin, Uee, Shin Rin Ah, Lee Whee Hyang, Kim So Jin, Kim Yoo Ri, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Hyun Geol, Kim Yong Geon, Park Jung Soo, Jung Kyung Soon, Ahn Ji Hon.

Most pictures are from: Dramabeans, and you can see the recaps there 🙂



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