Memory – tvN, 2016

I think we all agree that after Misaeng, Lee Sung Min’s name is escalating as well as his performance. Memory is another example that Lee Sung Min is a great actor, and another proof that tvN is never failed to deliver something new. TvN is indeed pretty brave  to produce another less-romance, human drama. In the end, Memory is that one drama that I will remember for a long time.


Memory is like a combination between Marriage Contract and Signal to me. Well, to some extent of course,since it can’t be said as in the same level with those two great dramas. Not saying if Memory isn’t good, but it has its own pace to build up emotions and twisted pots. It has the strong emotions, and it has its mission to reveal a truth.

Memory is about a famous lawyer; Park Tae Seok (Lee Sung Min) who works at Tae Sun Lawfirm. He is a type of lawyer who will do anything to defend his clients no matter what the truth is. We can have some glimpses that many wrongdoings might be covered here. Then, it all changes. It is began when he’s been diagnosed by Alzheimer. Starting to lose his memory not making him forget his past; instead, he’s been chased by it. The most painful memory that he has, was about losing his son – Dong Woo (, is coming on the surface.  All the hints are leading to the question “who is the actual culprit for hit and run accident 15 years ago.” Many old cases and new cases are leading to one ultimate aim, providing answer of his questions.


Dong Woo’s mom Na Eun Sun (Park Jin Hee) finds out that the corner when Dong Woo was hit, has a bucket of flower mysteriously for several days. It triggers her to start digging the old case again because she believes there will be no other person other than the killer would do such a thing. It is making her to contact her ex-husband, Park Tae Seok. Please, don’t imagine that they will come back as a couple again. You will not find those kind of plots here, we are talking about tvN drama here. Park Tae Seok is happily married with Seo Young Joo (Kim Ji Soo) and has two adorable kids Park Jung Woo (Nam Da Reum) and Park Yeon Woo (Kang Ji Woo). Memory will give you the relationship that exists in real life.

After finding out that he has alzheimer, Park Tae Seok promises himself for not living his life with regrets. That is why he is taking any risks to find out just the truth even though that means he needs to confront his own boss who saves him 15 years ago, Lee Chan Moo (Jeon No Min). Many cases are overlapping. The more he digs in, the higher he reaches on top of piling cases to the ultimate answer that he is looking for. By the help of the young lawyer, Jung Jin (lee Jun Ho, 2PM) and Bong Sung Hwa (Yoon Soo Hee), Park Tae Seok climbing up rocks to know the truth behind his son’s death, and at the same time, he learns to appreciate life.


In the end, he does not let his alzheimer becoming an obstacle; instead, he is grateful for having alzheimer. Why? Let us just watch the rest of the show. One thing, I am sure about it, it is well-made. It is a drama full of those silence actions which are enough to make us understand what the characters feel. I am so grateful that tvN is staying true to its character, not losing its magic for ratings. Rock on! It was aired in the prime time, a Friday and Saturday drama, previously placed by Signal Memory is a drama full of emotions, and very human…. and.. another beautiful discovery of great talents. I love how the ending is dissolved. I appreciate the writer who writes such a powerful drama.



I know I might be biased here for I am a big fan of tvN ever since I knew about Misaeng. The whole universe has a conspiracy to give me more tvN dramas that I like compared to other tv-station’s dramas. Well, I am trying to get real here. First of all, I have predicted that this kind of drama will not be famous as others. Even Misaeng which has no romance line since has a rocketed rating. Memory has a decent rating for a cable tv-drama. Why it is predicted not to get many attention? Because it is a human drama, the main stars are not young, and it does not have a stellar name like Song Jong Ki to sell the drama. It can be a boring drama. However, it has enough composition to get me sit down and watch the drama in the first place. It is Lee Sung Min’s drama, and the trailer and the short comment of Dramabeans have made me to watch it, and I just witnessed another beautifully made drama.

Casts. Casts are all you need to have after a great writer and directors. The sets of casts are just…. amazing… From top to bottom!! From the villains, to the children actors are killing me. Even the annoying co-worker who is obviously an extra is just great. Talking about main stars, Lee Sung Min is really versatile as an actor. Honestly, I thought that I would find Manager Oh Sang Sik (his character in Misaeng) in here, but nope… it is Park Tae Seok that I found in here. There’s a slightly similar vibe between Manager Oh and Park Tae Seok because he acts as a ‘mentor’, but Lee Sung Min has brought the character of Park Tae Seok into another level. I love to see that he is written to be a pure family man. I am so happy to see all the interactions he has with his wife and his children. It is making me fall for him. Usually, the leading man is so perfectly handsome and rich, making you just want him to be your man. However, Park Tae Seok is the perfect picture of a husband and a father should be despite his look is not a flower boy. There are bits of reality. And Nam Da Reum, a 14 yo actor is just nailed it. I am in awe to see his performance as the son of Park Tae Seok. I can’t believe that he is 14 years old, he acts so well. I can sense the teenager who learns about life, he is not exaggerating like most of children actors tend to do. He is that good.

Last name that I truly want to mention is Yeo Hoi Hyeon, a rookie actor who just proves himself trough a small numbers of dramas. Here, he plays as the son of Lee Chan Moo, Lee Sung Ho. Such a great character for him. He plays as a mellow kid with a painful memory. I am always falling for an actor who cries well, and he is one of them.

(480p)Memory (Korean Drama) episode 8(SUB).mp4.mp4_snapshot_00.37.31_[2016.05.19_22.46.17]
Yeo Hoi Hyeon

Memory brings you to the line of revealing truth, gaining trust, and learning to forgive. Ah… such a great drama for you who have watched too many Korean dramas. A great drama to try if you are not a fan of Korean drama because of cheesy love-lines. I enjoy the tense that the drama gives especially scenes involving Park tae Seok’s scene alone. It is quiet a pain in the ass because it is so aching to know that Park Tae Seok is struggling to reveal the truth while he has so limited time. He always shows us that he works with higher determination than everybody else for he has so limited time. The alzheimer can take over his brain.

Memory is about the love of parents to their children. Every characters; the goods and the bads are trying hard to protect their children. Including this gracefully sneaky lady as the president of Tae Sun Lawfirm – Hwang Tae Sun (Moon Suk). Each and every character, the main, the extras are picturing love of parents to their children. Park Tae Seok to all his sons and daughter, Lee Chan Mo to his son, the President Shin (Lee Jung Kil) to his son, Shin You Jin (Lee Ki Woo).

(480p)Memory (Korean Drama) episode 3(SUB).mp4.mp4_snapshot_00.17.49_[2016.05.19_22.45.33]

The mellow scenes are beautifully-made. People crying in silence can be so beautifully shot. Maybe you can’t imagine it, that’s why you have to watch it to be able to have a picture of what I am telling you. It is not a super sad mello drama that Korea used to offer, it is a pure human drama. It is not a boring one too. It fulls of spikes here and there, dark secret files are revealed slowly, the pace is great, it is well-executed. Even though, the romance between the two co-worker is a bit awkward, the writer has written a solid human drama.


As Park Tae Seok says….

no good things ever die


Produced by: tvN

Directed by: Park Chang Hong

Writer: Kim Ji Woo

Casts: Lee Sung Min, Kim Ji Su, Lee Jun Ho, Yoon So Hee, Park Jin Hee, Lee Ki Woo, Ban hyo Jung, Jang Gwang, Nam Da Reum, Kang Ji Woo, Moon Suk, Jeon No Min, Song Seon Mi, Song Sam Dong, Heo Jung Do, Yo Hoi Hyeon, Choi Duk Mon.



4 thoughts on “Memory – tvN, 2016

  1. “Memory is like a combination between Marriage Contract and Signal to me.” Well that got my attention, right there. 🙂 After Signal I didn’t know if I could handle something heavy again so I passed on live watching Memory (…and ended up with Marriage Contract instead? Yeah, not heavy. That worked well. 🙂 ) Anyway, now I definitely have to watch it. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeap… if your favorite is not really faraway from mine, I think Memory will be a good one for you 🙂 It is a melo drama for sure… but don’t worry, you will not be left devastated by the ending 🙂 enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

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