Ahjussi Fan-girl

My friends from high school marked me as a father complex person. Because I love an older figure. Not necessarily to date one,  but yeah I always adore fatherly looked people.

I have noticed that I am just going crazy with ahjussis for the past few months. I can make a claim that I am an ahjussi fan. Herewith, I am making a series regarding Korean actors and actresses; mainly, about those ahjussis, extras, and rising stars who deserve our attentions.

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First stop, ahjussis.

For those who are not really knowing what ahjussi is, it is a term for Korean to call an older man. Possibly can translate as uncle or sir… Of course, the names that I will include in this post are purely my personal liking. There are more names that are deserved to be mentioned, but since it is my blog post, so it is my rule 😀 hehe

I will mention 5 main persons and several more for honorable mentions.

  1. Lee Sung Min

We have to mention him at some point. He has been in too many movies and dramas as extras. Just after Misaeng, he gets a claim as one of the great actors that Korean has. However, he has got my attention far from Misaeng. It was when he played as the King in King two hearts (MBC). He stunned me by his playful side as the brother, and even though he was just appeared in a few episodes (before the character tragically died), I am already a fan. Firstly, I was a little bewildered finding him as a king because in my memory, he always plays as rather comical ahjussi or a poor father figure. In King Two Hearts, he can be a lovable big brother and at the same time, a charismatic king. Definitely more on Misaeng!. It is truly a re-discovery. He, as Oh Sang Sik, is perfect, and we just love him by his imperfections. Same with Memory, his latest drama where he is mainly the leading man. He has proven that experience speaks louder :). I loyally anticipate every week for the new episode comes up. I can finally say, I don’t need a handsome actor to be in the drama that I will watch. lol

Lee Sung Min – Rampant press conference

2. Lee Gyeong Yeong

Director Choi – Misaeng

Another case where experience speaks louder. I saw his list of works and no wonder I was so amazed by his


first scene when he was in Misaeng. I was like “who’s this gentleman? Why is he so good?” His first scene was him coming to the company, not saying any words, just marching in and just giving a little nods before he leaves the scene again. Dang! It was a million dollar scene. LOL. I could feel such a powerful-charismatic-leader-aura out of him. And later I discovered that the character I just saw was a ‘director’. I have never seen a man played as director so graceful and charismatic like what Lee Gyeong Yeong does for director Choi character. He is just giving us another perspective of being a director in the K-drama land. We are often offered director character as frugally ambitious and antagonist, but not him. Perhaps, because the character is supposed to be like that, not antagonist, but we need an actor like Lee Gyeong Yeong to pull the character perfectly. After Misaeng, I watch more of his works, and he is just good. The best one is Pirates, where he plays as pirates confronting Song Hye Jin. Dude, he is in his 50s and he in his pirates dress is just so sexy. lol And my favorite is Kundo: age of rampants. he can be so loveable as well. Oh I have to mention about his role in Venus Talk as well. He is incredibly still sexy for an old man lol (I sound psycho here)

Lee Gyeong Yeon, Lee Sung Min, Choi Jin Woong


3. Choi Jin Woong

Man!! This man is just tooo sexy when he plays as Detective Lee Jae Han. Choi Jin Woong, like Lee Sung Min, have played in many movies and dramas, but Signal has made him loved (me included!!). I have never fallen in love with an actor who is not handsome on the first drama that I watched (what a wording). I mean, come on… he is not that handsome compared to my favorite ahjussi like Jung Wu Song or Lee Bum Seo, but Detective Lee Jae Han makes many women out there in love with Choi Jin Woong.  He becomes so handsome in that drama. He’s in his 40s already, but his bad-ass charisma has charmed this innocent girl who’s dilligently watching episodes after episodes.

4. Lee Seo Jin

I dont know if it is correct to include him in this post. But, he is an ahjussi! hahahaha. I’ve only  watched two dramas of him, Wonderful Days (KBS) and Marriage Contract (MBC). I haven’t watched his past works. Nevertheless, I heard that despite only small numbers of dramas, most of them are hits. He is actually a notable actor by his acting skills. Well, I love him because I know him from the several variety shows that I watched.  I love him for his nagging persona lol. He is like an old-boy. A perfect picture of a city man. LOL But, why I keep longing for his presence? Maybe because of his dimples? Well well well, after watching Marriage Contract, I can say his acting quality is the one that makes me… “oh yes babe… I am in, where is your fan club?”

In Marriage Contract

5. Kim Myung Min

in Bethoven Virus

And we can’t leave this post without mentioning Kim Myung Min as the method acting guru. He is the first actor whom I do not recognize despite several dramas I have watched! How come? He is too absorbed on his roles making me barely recognize that he is the same actor that I have watched on some other dramas. Memorable works; Bethoven Virus (MBC 2008), Closer to Heaven (2009). His name was arisi

Closer to Heaven

ng in popularity when he just decided to stop in the show biz world. It was when he’s in Admiral Yi Soon Shin. Before that drama, he has decided to quit the acting career since he is not noticed even after a loong career as extras. Drama Admisal Yi Soon Shin (KBS, 2004) has made him to Kim Myung Min that we know now. He then is recognized as the man who gives 200% of his performance. The latest work that I dearly love is Six Flying Dragons

For your information, in Closer to Heaven, Kim Myung Min intentionally lost weight for his role as a lou gherig patient. He lost 20KGs, and severely thin, tried him self to be limping and hurt him self.

Closer to Heaven

More names have to be mentioned. I also love Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Bum Seo; they are definitely hot ahjussis. Nevertheless, I personally think that they have gained so much love because they are good actors and they are good looking. These five names here are not the handsome-at-the-first-time type of actors except for Lee Gyeong Yeong. He is always handsome! Even in his 50s, he hasn’t lost his glorious youth. Thus, I only include these 5 names for now! I have been watching more dramas starring one of these names.

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Honorable mentions are Oh Dal Su , Sung Dong Il, Cho Seong Ha, Ahn Nae Sang, Lee Woon Jong, and Park Won Sang

Oh Dal Su is known as one million fairy since he is always in the box office movies; Assassinations, Veteran, Ode to Father, the Attorney. Sung Do Il is known as the perfect father figure after he plays as the father of the three main character in Reply Franchise (tvN). My favorite is when he appears in Pied and Piper. Only one episode but oh that scene in the auditorium buys me. Cho Seong Ha on the other hand, is another person who can portray a very charismatic leader. It was in Sungkyungkwan Scandal as the king, he is strangely mesmerizing. As well as Ahn Nae Sang who plays as the teacher in Sungkyungkwan Scandal, there is something magnetic about his presence on his role making it more alive. Who does not know Lee Woon Jong? Like Lee Sung Min before, he is in almost every drama that we can mention. Hope someday, there is a breakthrough character that makes him more loved. He is deserved it. and Park Won Sang, his two latest work; Last and Bubblegum makes me paying attention more on him.I have been thinking to make another post specialized to father-figure favorite. But yeah. I am an ahjussi fan! 🙂

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NEXT: Paying extra attention on the EXTRAS



2 thoughts on “Ahjussi Fan-girl

  1. Same!! I’m not saying I want to date them or anything–but there’s something to be said for an attractive older man who knows how to act. It’s not even just Kdramas, either. Patrick Stewart, Richard Armitage, Robert Downey Jr…


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