Paying Extra Attention on the EXTRAS (actors edition)

Korean drama recently is not only about the leading man and woman’s story. Also, it is not only about romance anymore. It takes to be more complex. More side stories are told. Leading man’s best friend love line, the mother’s relationship, the criminals’ background, the mysterious killer’s influence, any part of the drama (character-wise) is playing a significant role, how small the role is, how quick their appearance, maybe they only appear on three episodes out of twenty, but what I like about them that they are taking this seriously. Therefore, there is more reason to pay attention on them.

Same theme with my previous post, I will talk about actors and actresses who are not in the top list of promotion tours. They are the  supported characters in the drama that we have loved, and I am paying extra attentions to several names. They either have caught me from the very first drama, or they have proven themselves through several dramas, that they are deserved to be loved too.Again, it will not cover all the extras. There is possibility for me to make another post like this if there are more extras who need attention.

I have a habit to take a look more on the supported characters. Maybe, because I consciously aware that main characters are always good, and will always get the best. I am always fascinated by how the supported characters are sometimes exceeding the main actors and actresses. I am not only saying about the second man of the love triangle or the sneaky figure who are in most of air time, I am talking about a character who appears only in three episodes or the minor of the minor, a main character’s best friend, a doctor, a mere police officer, or a father who might only appear for three minutes per episodes. Oh maybe I will talk about the second leading man or the jealous second leading woman. lol The post is going to be a bit longer than previous serial, and I will divide it into two parts; actors and actresses. First stop is actors edition.

Before, we proceed any further, I have to mention this ahjussi as my favorite ahjussi as well as my favorite extras.

Cheon Heo Jin – everyone’s father

Cheon Heo Jin

We are lost in count if we need to figure how many times this ahjussi becomes a father. The poor father, the general, the ordinary father, every character, I found him nicely blending in. He has never stood out frankly. However, I was happy seeing him in ‘Finding Mr. Destiny’, and the most recent, ‘Six Flying Dragons‘. He makes me forget who he is and just see him as general Lee Seong Gye. how awesome he is in that war armour.

Cheon Ho Jin – Six Flying Dragons

Next, there are four actors that I have to mention, Misaeng is their discovery. I can’t help myself for not mentioning Misaeng and Misaeng again. Misaeng is the very first drama that I think most of the characters have their own spotlight. Big or Small characters. These are the few examples, names that gain respect because of their acting skills no matter what their role are.

Misaeng – BTS


  1. Lee Seung Joon
Lee Seung Joon 

Lee Seung Joon is gained popularity when he starred in the 30% drama Descendant of the Sun as Dr. Song Sang Hyun. I personally think his performance in here similar to the two dramas before; Hyde , Jekyll, and me, and Bubblegum. However, I still love him. It was love at the first drama (that I watched). And the first drama where I found him was Misaeng.

Lee Seong Joon – DOTS 

Like Lee Gyeong Yeong, his first few scenes in Misaeng has caught me. He plays as the former boss of Ahn Young Yii – the director of Samjung, It was only up to three or four episodes, but his charisma has made me agree to the reason why Ahn Young Yi might fall in love with him. I don’t know how he does it or how the PD helped him, he made me believe that he is smart and great. I have watched him in the mini drama Babysitter, and oh yeah… he is good when he is in the right directing.

Lee Seong Joon – Misaeng

2. Kim Jong Soo

Kim Jong Soo 

First known him as Kim Bo Ryeon, the boss of Oh sang Sik. It was truly shown, that Oh Sang Sik respects him so much. He only appears the first half and the last two episodes. But, when he plays in Pied and Piper as the corrupted police officer, there… where I said… ‘he is goood’

Kim Jong Soo, the second on the left – Misaeng

3. Jun Seok Ho

Jun Seok Ho 

Jun Seok Ho’s character in Misaeng, at first, not making me stirred. I guessed, his character will be dissolved just like any other supported character will do. I did not imagine, that he will show such a great growth in his character.I did not expect that he would get a hot spot and gained love from the ‘relationship’ with Ahn Young Yi. His first few scenes were so ordinary, but towards the end, he shows some prevailing performances. Later, I figured that he is a theatrical actor. No wonder.. he can dig deeper into his character

4. Park Hae Joon

Park Hae Joon – Misaeng 

I did not know who was the tall guy that joined sales team 3. I could not figure is he important enough? Well, we are talking about Misaeng here. There is none who is not important, and I love the additional member in the sales number three. I, then, watched him in Doctor Stranger. Somehow, he snobby jerk face has made me fall even more, and oh… when he becomes the quiet ‘father’ in Hwayi! Ahhh… fall in love. One thing I like about him aside from excellent acting, his look is like a mere ahjussi next door. Or an older cousin. He is like our representative 🙂

Here are my favorite extras. I even consider to watch the drama if I see one of them in it regardless the main actor or the plot. yiheee

  1. Kim Tae Hoon/Kim Tae Woo
Kim Tae Hoon & Kim Tae Woo 

This sibling is my favorite ahjussi when speaking about extras. I have never seen them as the main character (sadly :(); however, their appearance has made me considering to watch the drama. Believe it or not :). Why? I just like their performance, and the characters have suited them well. One of the memorable character of Kim Tae Hoon (the left one) was in Hidden Identity. As the secret agent and the patient, it was heart breaking, but bbut… but… he was just charming lol. I also want to confess to you that I only watched Kim Tae Hoon’s part of story on One More Happy Ending, not because I did not love Jang Nara, but his story part was more appealing. Kim Tae Woo (the right one) has appeared in ‘Pirates‘ and ‘the Naked Kitchen‘, he can be incredibly sexy :p and I might watch Good Bye Mr. Black because of him. Well, I am dying to see Lee Jin Wook again, but knowing that he was in the drama as well, it is like an additional reason to watch it regardless the mixed-review out there. yep… I am like that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Choi Won Young

Choi Won Young

Alright, first encounter with this ahjussi (I thought) was on the Heirs. Among the stars on the Heirs, my eyes were fixed in to three actors only; Kim Woo Bin (his eye brow!!), Kang Ha Neul!, and this ahjussi who was actually playing as the secretary Yoon Jae Ho. Somehow, his rigid acting caught my eyes. Then, I discovered that I have watched him in the movie ‘Cheaters‘ back in 2009. He was a young actor at that time, but experience speaks louder. I really, truly, enjoyed him on ‘I Remember You, KBS’. How scary he could be as the psycho. He proves himself as a diverse actor when he got to play as a comical character in Twenty Again, tvN. I just love seeing him in more dramas 🙂

3. Kim Sung Kyun

Kim Sung Kyun

I honestly never really thought that he was great. I meant, I have seen him in numerous movies. He was goood. But, well… just good. Until! I discovered him on Reply 1988. God bless him! I skipped Reply 1994, and jumped on to Reply 1988, so I did not watch his performance on Reply 1994 before. But, seriously, he just put away his gangster aura and more on comical side. I loved his character so much. Then, I watched Reply 1994, and couldn’t believe my eyes that he was the same person. Definitely an actor to be counted. I will not surprise to have him more and more on blockbusters (as he already been)

4. Song Jong Ho

Song Jong Ho 

Song Jong Ho is one of the supported actors that I personally like. I mean like as a fan. I think he is pretty handsome, and oh yeah when he was in the Saeguk; the Fugitive of Jeseon, KBS 2013, yes he is hot. I first watched him on Reply 1997, and ooh yes.. I am a fan! Hopefully, he can manage to get more and more attention in the future. He definitely can go for actions maybe?

5. Kwon Yool (formerly known Kwon Se In)

Kwon Yool

For this guy over here, it was not the love at the first drama. I saw him briefly on What’s Up. and a couple of other dramas where he only played the best friend of the main character here and there. I was not really paying attention on him, not until I saw him as the second leading man on Let’s Eat 2 and admired how cute he can be! I love him. Just love him. I haven’t found him on any other challenging character so far, but I think he deserves to get more attention. It is time for getting more onto important role. Don’t you think?


Honorable mentions: Kang Ki Young for his performance on Oh My Ghostess and High School, King savy. His stupid looks adds a bunch of plus numbers!! Lee Sang Yeob, his performance on Signal was stunning! Well, he already gained popularity, but seriously. He was only for three episodes on Signal, but he showed a great acting regardless his character was a bit complicated. Lee Si Eon is just great as the best friend of the leading man, as well as Lee Dong Hwi. His memorable role in Reply 1997 was the one that bought me. However, I really hope that he can get better character in the future, and oh Lee Dong Hwi! His dorky face is sold when we are talking about modelling and Dong Ryeong (his character in 1988). He is an actor in his 30s already and he needs to play the typical teenager. It is so fun to watch him. and last but not least, we cannot leave this gentleman! Park Sung Woong for his cool look and martial art! hehehehe I love him on Kim Tak Goo and Hidden Identity.




All in all, there more favorites in my mind. Many new actors show prominent promise and more colors to add in the dramaland. Love it. Hope to see more of these names on the screen 🙂

NEXT: My Stupid Boss (Indonesian Movie 2016), the series will be continued after that with Paying Extra Attention on the Extras (actresses edition)




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