Paying Extra Attention on Extras (Actresses Edition)

Sorry for a long hiatus. I have just came back from a short getaway last weekend and did not get a chance to put up the promised post. Thus, to make it back in order, I will post two posts. First is Extras – Actress Edition and the second one will be about Korean rising Stars (actor/actress edition). I am an Indonesian who happens to watch a lot of Korean shows since I was young. I am not sponsored or whatsoever. I make posts in this blog solely based on my liking to things that excites me. One of them is Korean show. I have explained about how K-wave intrudes my life (in a good way) in here.. All the names mentioned here are based on my subjective point of view. You may or may not agree. Nonetheless, I created this blog to talk about those who needs appreciation 🙂 So enjoyy….

Before, I have put up posts about my favorite ahjussis (Korean-middle-aged actors) along with my favorite supported actors, now it is the turn for the supported Korean actresses.Actresses come and go. They sometimes manage to be the main star in one drama, but then poof… their popularity is coming down. These names I mention are mostly have been around Korean drama land for years and years; even though they only appear one or two episodes. Most of the time, their appearance is as important as the main characters. Whether it is small or big, they devotedly play their roles. Thus, I am here to honor them on my humble blog.

  1. Kim Mi Kyung


For an actress of her age, she can only be an ahjumma, a mother, or some other supported actress’ role. She is like one of those ahjumma that appears a lot in many different dramas until you feel like you’ve known her well. However, the more I see her, the more I am in awe by her performance. I am glad that she got lucky to take a role in different kind of characters. She’s been everyone’s mother, but my favorite of her being a mom is in Oh Hae Young Again. She is portraying an everyday mom that we dearly know. I think we can only see based on the long list of her past works starting in the 1980s until now that she has so many experiences to be called a great actress.One plus point of her, she tries to follow the trend and digs into her self more as an actress. That is making me love every single character that she portrays. My favorites are; Healer, Missing You, and What’s Up. Truly, she is a great actress. She’s so funky as the Jo Min Ja, the woman behind healer. And in What’s Up as the ego-centric head master 🙂 I love her hairstyles on these dramas.

2. Ra Mi Ran


Give me more of this cheetah mom!! Everybody would agree that her role as ‘Ra Mi Ran’ in 1988 is the best ever!!! She is loved by that role. She is my favorite mom!! She truly caught our attention on that role. Ever since then, we want more of her. She keeps proving that she si a notable actress by getting the best supported actress award in 52 ndBaeksang Awards for the movie, Himalaya. Ra Mi Ran Onnie… please shows up more and I am excited to see her next project. She will be a wife of none other than 1990s hearthrob – Cha In Pyo. 😉



3. Lee Cho Hee

Finally, we are talking about a young actress here. She caught my attention on a Saeguk drama called Maid. More on Six Flying Dragons. I really hope she can be the next Kim Seul Gi. I am more than thrilled to see her as the main character because she deserves it. She is that charming actress who really shines because of her work not of her beauty. Fighting!

4. Hyun Jyu Ni


This bad-ass gal right here is my ultimate extras. I enjoy watching her in every drama that she casts, even in DOTS. She truly has an excellent acting skills. She does not afraid to be looked ugly on camera. She just shows the way she is. I love her on Bethoven Virus and on Iris .


5. Song Ok Suk

Another favorite mother here. She’s been everyone’s mom as well. She genuinely reminds me of my mom’s aunt. haha. Looking fragile, but strong inside. If you are portraying the same characters over and over again, you may display similar acting persona. However, this lady over here is always showing something different. There are more veteran actresses to be mentioned, but again… if you keep seeing them in similar characters; you’ll find there’s nothing special about it anymore.

Honorable mentions; all of the casts in Dear my Friends. These veteran actresses are…. jjang. You just cannot leave anyone here. All have captured my heart in various reasons and dramas. Kim Hye Ja is my favorite haelmoni in Dear My Friends – more to say in separate blog post. Also Na Moon Hee!! She is truly shining in this drama. I love their characters and how they portraying in. Cutenes overloaded. Park Won Suk, I first saw was yeaaaarrrsss ago, in my early years of encountering Korean drama. She was in a drama – “All About Eve,” I am thrilled to see her again in the drama. WE have to mention about Ko Du Shim, Youn Yuh Jung, and Kim Young Ok who diligently appears on every drama and gets the role of grandmother and mother again. hahaha We are not sick of them right? Without them, a drama wont be completed. One more honorable mention or maybe two; First is Jung Soo Young. She’s the best best friend ever! She’s found a lot as a best friend of the main lead a lot. There is something genuine about her that I like and want for more! I hope she can get a more challenging role in the future, and I think she will nail it. Second one is Yoon Jin Yi, she’s adorable. I love her role in Gentleman’s dignity, she is definitely deserved for more roles in the future. More to mention, but for now this is what I will say about Extras – Actresses Edition.



Next will be Rising Stars (Korean Actor and Actresses)








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