Rising Stars (Korean Actors and Actresses)

This is the last episode of Korean actors and actresses edition. I will be talking about Korean Rising Stars based on my observation and my preference. I thought it would be great to mention their names. Since they have amazed me from drama to drama. They mostly are unknown before, and have made their way through their acting-persona, not only by their looks. That is why, I am so in love with them, and really hope they are going to be in this business as long as possible, and always be happy.

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This is not an official statement. I am just putting altogether for giving you considerations on these talents. Again, it is based on my point of view, so it is an honest subjective post.

  1. Kim Seul Gi.

I am in love with her. My first girl crush. She is genuine in every character that is given to her. She is witty and cute, and an actress full of emotion. Being an actress is not only putting a good face and take a good role, being an actress is taking a challenge and nails it. I love Seul Gi’s performances. Whether it is only one scene, a crazy customer, or a ghost, she is just so fun to watch. I am glad that she is one of the examples of those supported actress who finally climbs up and recognized, and finally is given a bigger and bigger role.She is one of those actresses who start with a small role, and gradually getting a bigger and more important role every day.

Discovery of Love, KBS

2. Park Bo Young

If we are talking about Kim Seul Gi, we should not leave Park Bo Young behind. Both Bo Young and Seul Gi have been in a drama together, and that drama brings them to the fame they get now. It is in oh My Ghostess where I truly truly admire the versatility of this young actress. She is younger than me, but she has been in movies for such a long time. Speedy Scandal and Wolf Boy are the memorable roles that she got. I am not surprised if she becomes the next Gianna Jun.

Park Bo Young

3. Jo Jeong Seok

Yes yes yes, we have to include him in the trio. Jo Jeong Seok has shown the best in every role he got. I love his work from the beginning he’s on the showbiz. He’s originally a musical actor turned actors. He got the best actor for his first movie – Architecture 101 as NabDeuKi, and he became the beloved Eun Shi Kyung in King 2 Hearts, and finally managed to get main roles. However, my favoriteee was Lee Byeong Geon in What’s Up. It was his first drama ever. Gosh. He is the next Kim Myung Min, I barely recognized him on that role, and he sang too well, he acted too well. He’s the cutest when he needs to be cute, he’s the silliest when he needs to be silly, and he is the coolest when he gets a cool role like in Oh My Ghostess. I will not be surprised if he is finally got the title – Halyu Stars in the future along with Bae Young Jun, Jang Dong Gun, and Lee Jung Jae.

4. Kang Ha Neul

My favorite musical boy too. Just like Jo Jeong Seok, he’s originally a musical actor turned actor. No wonder he sings very well in the drama Monstar. His scene stealer for me was when he was in the Heirs. Among actors in the Heirs, he is outstanding. At least for me. His acting vibe is different compared to the other actors. And… I hate (read love) his character on Misaeng. He is now slowly bur surely getting more and more important roles. He starts (like Kim seul Gi), small roles, shows up on one or two episodes, and finally gets his main role. His career is slowly stepping up, and we can sense the maturity in his acting day by day.  Hope you are in this show biz for a loooooong time.

5. Byun Yo Han

If we are talking about Misaeng, we should neverrr never ever not mention about Byun Yo Han! It was his first drama and he surprises everyone of his performance as Han Sook Yool. His working list compared to the other actors and actresses here are still minimum. But, people want to see him moree. His first appearance on Misaeng as a skinny intern with a bobbed hair will be remained for a looong time. Without Han Seok Yeol (his character in Misaeng) the life of the interns will be more devastating. Proceeding with his recent work – Six Flying Dragons, I keep repeating the action scenes when he involves in it. We believe that he is a martial art warrior! He becomes so sexy as Lee Bang Ji. His appearance now is anticipated.

Six Flying Dragons, SBS

6. Ryu Jun Yeol

and oh this boy over here… Don’t you just love him even though he is so annoying, and he is not that handsome-actor-type. That is why it fascinates me by the fact that he gains so much popularity. We are talking of the real charm here. Many girls out there fall in love with this guy because of his charms on and off camera. He proves to everyone that he deserves to the Korean-drama-land hearthrob by earning the new actor award in 52nd Paeksang Awards. He gets the spotlight!

7. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum

This baby in here is not only cute, but his acting skill is high appraised. I mean seriously! His performance in I remember You is unforgettable, and his role in Reply 1988 is made him loved! He’s truly cute and adorable, but he can be fierce. It is what it takes to be a good actor isn’t it?! Young and talented, and cute. Don’t forget to add cute for this lil boy. I am so curious what is going to happen in 5-10 years. Will he be around? I am so sure that he is going to be more popular in this near future.

8. Kim So Hyun

Who Are you, School 2015

She starts as a teen-actress, and she keeps on her track, and finally she is here getting our attention. Her calm appearance is different when the camera is on the roll. She is truly an artist. We can see her more and more on the screens.

9. Park So Dam

Her unique features has made her featured in a lot of movies. By this experience, she gains many recognition and finally many people can enjoy her when she comes to television. I am thrilled to see her on Beautiful Mind.

10. Han Ye Ri

Han Ye Ri

Another actress that has a unique feature. Plus, she’s been in the movies for a while now, and finally has made her way more into dramas. I personally likes her feature. Just like Ryu Jun Yeol, she’s not the pretty-pretty actress. She is pretty because of  her charisma. That’s what I get from her appearance :). I am so amazed by her performance in Six Flying Dragons.



For the future – Nam Da Reum, Shin Rin Ah,

Child actor and actress are also amazed me. Many are so talented, but my eyes are fixed to these two names.

Nam Da Reum

He’s been around the drama land since the age of 7. Day by day, he is growing soooo handsome!!! His body figure is soo appealing for a 14 year old. LOL. I am totally sure if he keeps doing the movies and dramas, he’s going to be one of Korean Hearthrob internationally. He’s too handsome and talented to be left out. Really!!! He shocks me by his melancholy acting in Memory.

Shin Rin Ah

Who does not love Eun Soong in Marriage Contract? Her acting skill is too natural for a child actress. We think that she’s been always like that, and her love to her ‘parents’ on screen are tooo surreal. She’s indeed talented.

Wish you all the best, and I am excited with many of your new project 🙂





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