Kwak Jin Eon – the Sentimentil Winner of Superstar K 6

Who does not know Seo In Guk? He is loved by his role on drama Reply 1997, but is everyone aware that he was debuted as a singer before? He was the first winner of Superstar K back in 2009. Then, the show has produced many great singers afterwards. There was Huh Gak who was really loved in Immortal Songs 2 despite his look is not a flower boy :). Then, the winner of Superstar K 3 was my favorite group Ulala Session, with the runner up Busker busker. Busker busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” is forever a spring song, it is played every where whenever spring is coming. The Superstar K 4 winner was Roy Kim who is loved by his sentimental voice with the runner up Dickpunks which is my favorite band as well. The winner of Superstar K5 is Park Jae Jung now joined Mystic Entertainment along with Eddy Kim (who’s in the Superstar K 4 before). Then we are talking about Superstar K 6!! It is Kwak Jin Eon. The sentimentil winner of Superstar K, I may say. Nonetheless, I watched Superstar K because of him! Now, he is finally releasing the first album after 2 years winning the competition!!

Kwak Jin Eon

The reason why I mention about the winners of the Superstar K because it is acknowledged that Superstar K has been producing amazing singers!! They are super talented. Recalling Ulala Session, Dickpunks, and Busker busker who are not a typical boyband/band in Korea. I love how the winners or the finalists have distinct color to present, not to mention Kwak Jin Eon, our hero of the day.


First encounter with his deep voice was on Misaeng way before I watched the drama I guess. It was one of un-predicted video that I found when I searched for Misaeng OST. There his name was appeared with a deep voice song, a sorrowful yet promising melody. For a fun reading, you can check this blog over here 🙂 

NOTE: Please click to the link for videos and further information 🙂

His deep voice has enchanted me instantly. It raised my curiosity of this singer, and finally it lead me to his audition clips which blew me away! His first audition was his own song. He wrote and produced it, it is included in  his first album, titled ‘Regret.’ It is a song about how one wants to go back in time to avoid things that he could regret later. He mentions about wanting his mother to come back in life. In short, we know that it was an emotional song. The judge at that time was Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Bom Soo, Kyuhyun, and Narsha from Brown eyed girl were amazed by his short sentimental performance. Narsha was crying, and everybody was in silent after the song ended. Narsha said, she was curious of what has been happening in Jin Eon’s 24 (at that time) years life. They craved for more, I craved for more.

Kwak Jin Eon, first audition

Before getting to the live show, they had to perform in a group for elimination sections. 2 group performances, and they are sooooo loved. One was a trio, Kwak Jin Eon paired with Kim Feel and Lim Do Hyun who all ended up in the big three. I could not find the title in English. Nonetheless, me and other foreign viewers were blown away by their arrangement. It was arranged by Kwak Jin Eon. There, he was acknowledged as a true artist. Moreover, we have to hear the duet of Kim Feel and Kwak Jin Eon singing ‘Dont Worry‘ by Wild Chamomile. I think it was the best cover ever! I love the song and the meaning of it, I have heard the original, the one that Ali sang on Immortal Songs 2, even Lee Juck’s version for Reply 1988 OST, I still think their rendition is the best! It is great because of the combination the low pitch from Kwak Jin Eon and the high ones from kim Feel. Damned, I just love them. Period. Then, finally it was coming to the two as the finalist. Well, we finally knew that the trophy was for Kwak Jin eon (yeaay!) However, no matter how hard I searched for more about Kwak Jin Eon, it was sooo hard. More about Kim Feel, he released his album earlier and got into Immortal Songs 2 for a couple of times.

After he was noted as the winner of Superstar K6, he and Kim Feel have been in various projects together. The LG and hite ads, a couple of movie soundtracks, and collaborated with Yoon Jong Shin as his monthly project – December. They sang a song called ‘Exhausted.’ My favorite tunes to conclude the year. Don’t know how much I replayed the song over and over again. I even copied the eng sub lyrics. It was a beautiful song.


Finally, last Spring, Kwak Jin Eon released his first ever album! He was honest that he was under stressed while producing it. It was an album that mostly arranged and composed by him. His single ‘Go With Me’ was so Jin Eon. He started with only his voice, and it stunt me, so soothing. Based on Gaon Chart for Physical album for the week, Kwak Jin Eon’s album charted as number 10. Not bad.

Go With Me

Talking about the album, all the numbers are sentimental. There’s a hint of sorrowful trot plus some blues. It was a perfect album for a showering Spring. Melancholy, sentimentil, and light. I was so excited about the album, and really wish for more Kwak Jin Eon in the future. At least he can be on Immortal Songs 2 sooooon. Please please please!

As I said to you, K-Pop is so much more than the idols that we knew, it is not all about rapping and dancing, there’s a melancholy side of it as well. Kwak Jin Eon is reminding me of an old American Folk song like Carpenters, Twin Folio (korean), his singing technique is so direct but with a rich – deep toned. Combined with acoustic musics and sorrowful lyrics, it is sooo soothing. I think it is best for a raining day. It is not a sad album, and I did not understand the whole lyrics, but, I am not bored to listen to it over and over again.

Kwak Jin Eon in a few words are; conventional, deep, and warm




3 thoughts on “Kwak Jin Eon – the Sentimentil Winner of Superstar K 6

  1. Good on ya! I love Kwak jin eon it was good to read the previous winners and know a little history.
    Fighting ! I absolutely love Kwak jin eon!


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