Oh Hae Young Again!! (tvN, 2016)

I originally want to talk about this drama and the other drama (Dear My friends) together in one post, but I change my mind in the last minute. I end up having so much to say for both dramas. First thing first, Oh Hae Young Again. The thing with this drama is, I was happy and disappointed at the same time, and then felt good about it for the last episode. I will just type down what I truly feel about the drama. It is probably going to be a quiet objective post (compared to the other precedings)

Another_Miss_Oh-p1I was not planning to dig in into this drama right away. I was being loyal to watch Six Flying Dragons, but the episodes were too long, and all the people have been raving about Another Miss Oh, so I gave it a try, and hooked. However, it came a little bit off in the middle, but it was back in the game for the last episode, so I can conclude that it was one enjoyable drama.

The story of Another Miss Oh started off pretty ordinarily. Though, it has a little bit of paranormal thingy in the end, but the deeper emotional out from the character exists. Another Miss Oh, or Oh Hae Young Again is about two girls named Oh Hae Young. One is pretty Oh Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin), the other one is Only Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin). We can have sense that there is a little bit of ‘competition.’ Things are going super smooth for pretty Oh Hae Young, her class mates are always cheering for the pretty one and leaves the ordinary Oh Hae Young alone. Note, that they went to the same high school. Ordinary Oh Hae Young accepts this situation; though, she indeed has a little bit bitterness towards the pretty Oh Hae Young. She is just looking forward to her graduation day where she is finally away from the pretty Oh Hae Young.

Pretty Oh Hae Young, Jeon Hye Bin

Life goes on, the ordinary Oh Hae Young is getting married… or not? She thinks her life after high school will be better because there will be no more Pretty Oh Hae Young to be compared with. Tomorrow is her wedding day, but why her fiancee ( Lee Jae Yoon) just says that he wants to pull the wedding off. Her bad luck is continue with or without the pretty Oh Hae Young. At least that what she thinks.

Confusion of ‘this’ Oh Hae Young and ‘that’ Oh Hae Young still lingers around these two girls’ fate. Until ordinary Oh Hae Young meets a guy who has relation to pretty Oh Hae Young, and you can figure that the two fates are still interchanging. Involving a lot and a lot of melancholy moments plus hilarious moments as well. I will not go into very detailed description here. But, what we know, ordinary Oh Hae Young is in love with pretty Oh Hae Young’s ex-fiancee, Park Dong Kyung (Eric Mun, Shinhwa) . And let the rest of the story will be revealed once you are watching it.

Do kyung and Hae Young


Talking about the story in general, I have a mixed feeling about it. There are a lot of K-drama elements in it. I mean, the story requires a very great imagination from the writer side. Fate is written very precisely for each character. Like it is a must that the characters will meet at some points. Many supported characters are there for some humour too. The drama gives you some potential comical scenes (in a lot of them), but also strikes you with many many emotional moments.

The drama starts off quickly and jumps into our mixed feeling about the main characters. There’s pity and also disgust (personal impression). However, it gradually gives you more and more melancholy moments when you just take a pity on the ordinary Oh Hae Young. I admit Seo Hyu Jin’s acting in here is particularly believable and somehow she can make her character, ordinary Oh Hae Young, relate-able to us. Not exactly the same story line, but similar situation to our daily life .Though there were some scenes that reminds me of Let’s Eat 2 In the end of the day, her reaction is just… jjang

Talking about the drama from tvN, I guess this is one of the uniqueness that tvN can bring. Ordinary yet special. I mean… I have found this kind of storylines a lot in other broadcasts dramas. I tend to differentiate dramas from tvN, because it somehow feels different (recalling Misaeng, Signal, Liar Games, and others).  However, we can still find it special. There are really two things that are outstanding. One, Seo Hyu Jin REALLY makes you feel the PAIN! Really! Truly! Even though you have never shared same name with other, but she really acts like she deserves all the attention in the world. LOL. I love at some point you finally realize that the title speaks out. ” Another Miss Oh!” or “Miss Oh Again”, but I think the fittest among all is “Oh Hae Young again.. againn.. and agaiiiin” it is like the desperation of ordinary Oh Hae Young. She yells out of desperation because she feels so unfair! I cannot explain any further because it will give you a major spoiler. Nevertheless, that one particular episode (or two, or more) have made me love the show, and it is memorable.

Seo Hyu Jin


Second thing; Kim Mi Kyung! Kim Mi Kyung!! Kim Mi Kyung!!!!!! She really can nail every character that is given to her! She, as a mother of Ordinary Oh Hae Young can portray her so-much-love of her daughter through her anger, her tears, her silence, her fists, gestures, and everything else. She can remind us of our own mom. I can see my mom will act the same thing to me if I have similar situations with ordinary Oh hae Young. Love it. Love her.

There are three things that surprise me. One, appearance of cameo!! There were trends in tvN dramas where cameos appeared for foresee future drama or pasts drama. For example, we have Oh jung Sae from N

Yeon Woo Jin 

ine Plus appears on Misaeng (the preceeding drama), we have Seo In Guk (high School, King of Savvy) on Oh My Ghostess, and all the Reply 1997 casts on Reply 1994, and I was cracking up when I saw Yeon Woo Jin back as GONG GI TAE ( his character on Marriage Not Dating), except now he’s a lawyer not a plastic surgeon. HAHAHAHA I loved his short appearance so much!! Gong Gi Tae is back indeed. FYI, the PD is the same, that is the biggest reason why we can have Yeon Woo Jin as GONG GI TAE! Lol…

Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo, dramabeans

Second thing, you see this girl with purple hair? She is the no-sound-laugh girl from Roommate variety show by SBS, Heo Yeong Jin. She is an X-member of KARA. She is my pleasant surprise on the show. Quriky, sassy, and just because you know her on reality show, it is quiet amazing seeing her acting on this drama. She was such an innocent girl on Roommate, maybe because she’s still a newbie. Watching her playing as Anna on this drama was my pleasant surprise. It is a good thing! I am dying to see more of her as an actress.

Yeon Jin

Third thing, it is a little bit bad surprise… at least for me. This drama also has side stories, but it is kinda a boring ones. Reminding me of earlier Korean drama. Why do I have to point this out? Because, we are talking about tvN dramas, and I am just so used to a solid side story from tvN dramas. Not saying it is sooo bad, but maybe I have my expectation, also again… because I am so used to amazing side stories to support the core story. But, tvN is the only production house which kept me watching dramas from the beginning to the end unlike other broadcasting stations dramas where I cold-heartedly left the drama before hitting certain number of Episodes. #heee

Overall, it is not a bad drama. Well, it has some down parts like the extension of two more episodes, but it deserves its popularity. The director attempts a mixture between comical drama plus emotional one. At least, he has made me weeping a lot and laughing a lot. And I love Jeon Hye Bin in here. Such a perfect fit for the Pretty Oh Hae Young. Jjang. The most important thing is what I felt after finishing the last episode. I felt pretty good. Anyway, the drama has many resemblance to Marriage Not Dating. The ending also. To give you little note, I think I enjoyed Marriage Not Dating more just because it has a consistency compared to Oh Hae Young Again. Just sayin…


I can’t wait to review about the next drama, Dear My Friends. My heart is sold.


Broadcasting House: tvN

Director: Song Hyun Wook

Writer: Park hae Young

Casts: Eric Mun, Seon Hyu Jin, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Mi Kyung, Ye Ji Won, Kim Ji Suk, Heo Jeong Min, Lee Jae Yoon, Lee Han Wi, Heo Young Ji

NEXT: Dear My Friends…



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