Task Force 38 (OCN, 2016) and Let’s Fight Ghost (tvN, 2016)

Voila! I am back! Damned! It’s been months that I am not able to write a single review. However, no worries. Sivibi is definitely back. I have 2 posts in queue for you. Or more posts hehe.

Now! apologize, I can’t post quicker than I have planned, and now I am just reviewing not so new drama. But, I think I will still post it up. I merge 2 dramas; because I see similar situation happening between the two, and plus… I don’t have a lot to say for both dramas individually *sigh… Not because they are not good, but… I think, I am slightly having disappointment.

Why Task Force 38 and Let’s Fight Ghost have to be in one post? Because I see resemblance of both in previous dramas with similar situation. Task Force 38 reminds me of Last a lot. While Let’s Fight Ghost reminds me a lot of You are my Ghostess. I will talk about each drama individually and may add a little comparison in the end.

Task Force 38 is about a squad who forges and swindler people for money. You may say a Robin Hood in the Tax world. Again, they are aiming a big fish with some personal reasons. It definitely has Last element in it, remembering that both are about swindling the money. For this, I can say Task Force 38 wraps it better. Many twisted plots and more fun to watch as well. It is funnier and I love how we have mixed gender squad. The thing is, because every episode has twisted plot, I am not finding it special anymore. You kinda expect it in the end of the day. But, I have to admit, that it is brilliantly written.


Now, let’s talk about casts. I am all about Song Ong Seok, yes that ahjumma. Exactly! Precisely! hahaha. She’s brilliant! I have never seen her in that kind of role ever, and she is rock and roll. She is usually playing as a mother figure who we pity, but not in this case. She plays an elegant boss, a little scary but good. lol. And Ahn Nae San, who does not melt for this ahjussi? I love his calm expression. Last but not least our bromance-hood as the main dish in the drama, Ma Dong Seok and Seo In Guk. Not the best duo, but I want to give credits to Seo In Guk. I am more and more and more fan of him! Ever since Reply 1997, more of Hello Monster, and oh yea… this drama too. He’s such a…. cutie who has an annoying expression hahaha… Such a contradiction in description. But yes, in short… I am big fan.As for Ma Dong Seok, not voted as my favorite ahjussi, or perhaps the role making him to be so timid. Dunno, but just the feeling is not there, but I love the cameos as well. Oh, we can’t leave Oh Dae Hwan, he’s the bad guy among all the dramas that I have seen from 2015-2016, lol. But, I love him more and more… I secretly wish, he can be big, he becomes my favorite supported actors lol.



Now, we have tvN drama; Let’s Fight Ghost. Unfortunately, this is kinda a little bit flop for me. Everything about it is so off. I am not bought by the way Oh Taec Yeon fights the ghost. The romance is also not so interesting, not so much emotion around, though, the drama left me high curiousity about the ending. My only reason to watch the drama was because of Kwon Yool!! However, his character reminds me a lot… A LOT about Leem Jung Hwan’s on Oh my Ghostess; that’s why it reminds me of Oh My Ghostess *talking about the mystery of death lol. For this case, Oh My Ghostess wins a lot of points. Let’s Fight Ghost develops a simple story line; thus, it is boring, and somehow a bit jumpy. I don’t like the ending. tvN does not really play its magic this time.

For the actors to spot on; David Lee is the man. lol. He plays as Kim In Rang as a goofy college students. I love his acting, so natural. Usually, when you are playing a goofy character, it is so obvious that you are ridiculous, everything is pretty predicted. However, his way of bringing out the stupidity of his character is pretty brilliant. Natural, and yes stupid haha..


I have a feeling that this drama is projecting how great Taec Yeon as a cook. More like a Let’s Eat 2 food porn shot. I know he is from 3 meals a day, but… is this about ghost? about romance? supernatural? or food? can’t really get it.



Oh well, both are OK, I am not really excited about them. But, yeah… these are my thoughts.

I am behind a lot of dramas 😦

I haven’t watched Beautiful Minds or Uncontrollably Fonds; and KBS having new drama already. I am currently watching Drinking Solo while K2 is waiting and the Good Wife!! Oh NO!

You might have guessed, that I might skip Doctors lol just because…. just because….

Oh well,

NEXT: Age of Youth!!!




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