Year End Thoughts and Faves 2016

I know I know…

Three months hiatus with a very lame excuse was not really a good reason about it. I am in no position to do a big review about K-drama in 2016 since I have missed so many goodies in the end of the year. However, there are 5 dramas that I would love to point out. The 5 dramas that have touched my heart endearly.

2016 was a year full of events! Therefore, my mental addiction to K-drama was abruptly distracted with real-life events. I only watched a lot less than last year list. I still had some good catches, and got a few hidden gems. I have to admit that I have missed some good stuff. But, oh well… there are still next time to watch it.

Let’s begin the Countdown

5. Age of Youth – JTBC.


Age of Youth as the title proclaims, it is about youth. Roomates, girlfights, boys, friendships. Dark pasts. Very simple and realistic. I love how the writer puts more efforts in characters and develop a beautiful lines between the characters.

I haven’t been able to talk about this drama thoroughly although, I have planned about it. Age of Youth was underrated. However, I felt the depth about the characters. Everyone of it. It brings the plainness and complexity at the same time on the plate. It does not have the big main line, small pieces completing the big picture. That’s how the drama expresses itself. I love everything about it. I love the guys, the women, the stories, the mysteries about it, and the smiley landlord. It was just one memorable simple drama.

4. Memory – tvN


Memory oh memory. I have made a post about it in here. Frankly, Memory is not everyone’s plate. No romance, only about alzeimer disease, another underrated drama. Can be easily forgotten. However, not because I was so pro the underrated dramas, but just it has been made beautifully. Can I say that the cinematography should win something? haha. The emotion of each character is undoubtedly very powerful! We speak about Lee Sung Min here for heaven’s sake. What’s more to talk about? hahaha

3. Dear My Friends and Reply 1988 – tvN

Some of you may curse me why do I have to put these two gems together instead of making it better than another. Well well well… not because they are not good enough to beat one another, but I am just thinking that both have similar big theme going on. Both are about friendships and each character has a strong story-lines. About preference? I probably lean towards Reply 1988 more just because there are so many things that I can relate to compared to Dear my Friends – speaking of age… *cough cough*. In the end, both just left me with a lot of warm fuzzy feelings, lots of tissues, and lots of jaw dropped momments because both casts are amazing.. amazing… AMAZING!

Here is my thought about Dear My Friends and Reply 1988

2. Marriage Contract – MBC


Finally! I finally have a favorite from a melodrama/romantic drama!! yey. It’s been years peeps! I haven’t been really hooked up by a romantic drama or a typical Korean drama. But, this is a sweet exception! It took me by a surprise that I loved this drama so much! Lee Seo Jin’s dimple? Come on! It took me more than that. I appreciate how the writer writes such a beautiful lines and scenes? Those little actions; a closed up on holding hand, a smile, a stare… bah.. haha and the ending! The ending was really a high pitch! Since it was none of our *viewers’ predictions 🙂 More about it in here

  1. Signal- tvN


Oh yes!

Just Yes! 🙂

mmm what more to say about it? About how Jo Jing Woong’s acting slays us, or the crazy old radio buzzing on and off to stand up for justice? or about the fact that our heroes never actually met but they develop stronger bond of bromance? Which one do I have to claim that making me just voluntarily put it as the best drama in 2016? Which one!!? This drama is thoughtfully made. From the solid story-lines, and great editing, it makes us stick with it even though it may create such a confusion. Scenes from the pasts and presents are carefully made; thus, it does a good job for clarity. More about it in herehere


Overall! 2016 was not my year of drama. I must admit, I have watched too many dramas; thus, I have difficulty to like or enjoy one drama. Hmm.. Anyway, keep tuning in for more exciting aticles. I am planning to do another countdown of my all time favorite songs and perhaps actors/actresses of the year?

You can check on my thoughts on 2015 K-drama


Happy New YEAR!

a sweet witty tune from Sweet sorrow 🙂




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