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I am trying back on the drama-review-track. However, while keep seeking for good gems, let me give you another insight of Korean songs look like. Who does not know K-pop? Even if you are not a fan, when you listen the word K-pop, suddenly a couple of Korean skinny singers who sing and dancing popping up in your head right? Well, let me bring you to another level of K-pop or Korean song in general. Korean genre of musics are diversed actually. They do have notable rock star like Kim Kyung Hoo, legendary rock band – Bohwal who have changed numbers of vocalists *most of them going solo and successful. They do have romantic ballad singer and acoustic groups, even jazz acapella singers.

From numerous Korean Variety songs and singing competitions, I have been introduced to a sentiment side of Korean song. Don’t you know that they actually are into lyrics? For Koreans, lyrics are sentimental and powerful. They are into poem as well. Many Korean songs are actually good motivational songs. And for about 9 or 10 years of me loving Korean culture, I realise that I have the same songs over years that have to be on my top to-listen-list. From 2008 when I first fell for Korean wave, till last year. To be honest with you, I have a hard time to select only 10 as my favorites, but let’s stick with the word “ALL TIME FAVORITES”, so I will only select songs that I have listened to it numerous times, and at the longest period.

So… here it is my  countdowns of my All TIme Favorites – Korean songs edition.

10. Peppertones’ Galaxy Tourist and ABC featuring Arina MOCCA

Galaxy Tourist was once a soundtrack of almost variety shows you can name in South Korea. Well, technically speaking, Peppertones’ songs were on numerous Variety Shows as the soundtracks. Since it contains a lot of fun and airy melodies. It was a tough decision to pick my all time favorite from the numbers, but I like the simplicity about it, so yeah I think, I pick Galaxy Tourist as my all time favorite . Talking about ABC, this song is special for me since it is a collaboration between two of my favorites, and on top of that it is a collaboration between Korea and Indonesia, my country!! First time hearing it, or even saw the title with the featuring artist, I was really excited! The sound was fun and cheerful. It was like a magic combo. I love it.


9. Just get a way, you deserve it – Sweet Sorrow

It was taken from their 4th album. Not so jazzy, but showing a lot of funny sides of Sweet Sorrow. Sometimes, you just need to get away for a while. No plan, and go! That’s what the song encourages. Moreover, the video clip is contagiously spreading happiness.

I’m getting a lot of thoughts about this and that
The heavy pressure and eyes building up in front of me
Sometimes makes me feel so suffocated

I can’t do this or that
I can’t give up this moment that I waited for
I will go find the freedom that I want
It’s no big deal, I’ll go for it

8. Lazy Sunday Morning – Clazziquai

And, yes for this song, my morning anthem. Clazziquai is known as the versatile group. A little bit jazz, a little bit electro pop, and now, a little bit acoustic as well. The witty and realistic lyrics are compelling for this song.

It’s getting on Sunday morning, I get up and see silly TV talking by itself in the room. My head is spinning full of beer as thinking of my lonely late night party.

7. First Date  – Sweet Sorrow

🙂 I guess, I have to make another post containing my all time favorite tunes from Sweet Sorrow. They are indeed my number one favorite singer. Why? Because they can produce such a beautiful harmony, jazzy tunes, and sweet lyrics. Just like the First date

Even without an alarm, my eyes open wide
Lalala – my first date with you
I kick off the covers and I go to meet you
Hello, hello

6. Butterfly – Loveholic (and almost all fluxus singers gank)


This song was sang by singers under Fluxus music. Probably, you are not really familiar with this company since the famous ones are JYP, YG, and SM *going with innitials. Notably, Fluxus music is a production house covering singers with different and various genres. From electronic pop like Clazziquai, former group – Winterplay, W&Whale, rocker – Lee Sung Yeol, accoustic group like Urban Zakapa. Butterfly is sang by Clazziquai, Park Ki Young, Lee Sung Yeol, Park Ki Young, Jang Eun A, Whale, Winter Play, and My Aunt Mary and the music is by Loveholic. It was made of solidarity since Loveholic’s main vocal was resigned. The song itself was put as the soundtrack of the box office movie – Take off (2009). I am in love with the lyrics instantly!

The foolish world doesn’t know you
It can’t see you when you are hidden in regret
I know; I see you
Your splendid wings

Don’t be afraid; you can do it
With a little wriggle,
Spread your wings and fly up

Grab your heart
Spread the wings you tried so hard to fold away and fly up


Taken from Princess of tea


Translation: KBS + ryukiLee @

and I am more spirited than ever after listening to this song lol.

5. Don’t Worry (originally by Deulgukhwa – my fave is from Kwak Jin Eon and Kim Feel) & Exhausted (by Yoon Jong Shin Ft Kwak Jin Eon and Kim Feel)


I may say that Kwak Jin Eon has brought a new level to my Korean Singer favorite. LOL His deep voice is just enchanting. Also, both songs sound like a friend saying to me that “everything is going to be alright”


All things past is in the past
They all have a meaning
Sing to the one who left
Say that you loved without regrets

You went through so many difficult things
You lost that newness
All of the hardships
Brush them all off

taken from popgasa 

Exhausted – was definitely my song in 2015 to 2016. I listened t itevery single day! Literally. I love the mellow feeling about it, but at the same time it tells you “it is Ok to be not OK…” WEll, you need it once in a while. Just a start of acceptance and voila… some magic happens – you are able to move one.


I’m sorry my love, I wanted to be the source of your pride
In my exhausted day, I just want some comfort
If you comfort me, saying that you believe me
I think I’ll start to cry
I’m sitting on the edge of this night with a drunken sigh

I’ll get through it, just like you believed I would
I have only one dream
I can’t make everything go back because of how I feel today
Don’t compare me, don’t care about me, who says that’s the right way?
There is no right way, the way that I chose is my way

taken from popgasa

4. Love Recipe – Clazziquai.

On the other end, this song is my ultimate morning anthem 🙂 It is chillin, and the music video is the best. 🙂 The lyrics are simplest way to express love. It is a universal love. Can be from spouse, daughter to father, and between friends.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t like sweet things
The hot coffee that you like, the languid rain
I was just with those things because I just liked you
But at some point, I turn my head at the smell of coffe

Translation from Princess of tea

3. Let’s take a walk a little – Jung In ft. Gary

To be honest with you, I have never imagined my self like a voice of Jung In. But, turned out that she’s one of the top on my list. First time hearing her was in Immortal Songs 2, I instantly in love with her charisma. And finally I bumped into this groovy RnB. With inspiring lyrics, I voted her as the “laid-back” song of all time.


Let’s take a walk since our hearts are feeling complicated
I think sitting as we’re facing each other is making us more exhausted
What should we do? Should we break up?
Starting all over again seems a little scary

2. Dangdanghee – She is Beautiful by Sweet Sorrow

My ultimate favorite song! It’s been my ringtone since college years. My first encounter to Korean jazz. It’s rich, jazzy, like the one you would hear in a lounge. On top of that, it was sung by my favorite singer – Sweet Sorrow. What’s more I can ask for.

1.  One Candle – G.O.D.

Ok! I don’t know why, but I am addicted to this song. The original one! which was sang back in 1990s… Yes, it was sung by an idol. g.o.d. I freaking love it. The music, the lyrics, how it combines with the raps are just inviting you to sing a long. I still have a hard time to sing the rap, but I am fully determined! Oh yes baby..


I think, the tunes are familiar for some of you because many idols have made the cover, many amateurs use it as an audition song. It is just one of the most popular songs in South Korea – can be mentioned as a classic (20 years popularity)

On top of that, let’s see the lyrics. The rap section is making us to believe that someone is actually talking to you to cheer you up!

In this world,
There are many people who have less than we do.
For those who are struggling even now, we sing this song.
“Stay strong!”

Why is life so hard?
Who said that life was beautiful??
Since I was born, all that life gave me was more trials to overcome.
During those times, I looked into the mirror and asked myself, 
“What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this only happening to me?”
It feels like it’ll never change. 
Not tomorrow, or even the day after.

Don’t say that
Don’t crumble under the pressure
Whatever life gives you
Whatever you receive
Whatever this unfair world offers you
If you just accept it
Wouldn’t you be fighting it?
Would you give up?
Would you surrender to the life that fate dealt you?
Don’t bow your head to the world, don’t lose strength,
Look at us.

When you’re tired and exhausted, lean on me
I will always be by your side
So that you never feel like you’re alone in this world, 
I’ll be right beside you, holding your hand.

All in all, I just realize that my selections are more than half about motivational songs. LOL It seems like I am carrying a hard life. Well, I think it’s more touched when you just can relate yourself to the lyrics. I can say the lists can be as “top motivational songs” lol.
Anyway, I hope I can give you more insights about Korean Wave, and not limited among the ones on the surface only 😉

All translations are from popgasa. Please check it out, it has pretty cool stuff 😉

Coming up more exciting posts – and I start watching drama again 🙂




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